Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Progress since 9-11

We're about four weeks from the second anniversary of 9-11, and making progress here and there.

We haven't caught the attack masterminds, but Uncle Sam is still looking real hard. New York hasn't decided what to put where the World Trade Center towers stood, but they're narrowing it down.

The overemphasis on frisking airline travelers remains, but most of the friskers now keep a civil tongue in their heads most of the time.

The USA hasn't recovered from the fear, anger, and other emotions ignited by the 9-11 attacks, but each week is a little better than the last.

Approaching the second anniversary of the September 11 terrorism, we haven't done everything right, but many things we have.

On 9-11 we learned that it isn't only enemy nations who could be motivated to attack us— it's friendly nations, too. That is, if you still count Saudi Arabia as our friend: in correcting that misperception, we're also making a bit of progress.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.


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