Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, August 15, 2003

Fox News Hissy Fit

Why is Fox News throwing a hissy fit over criticism from a comedian? You’d think Fox would stand up for free speech and free expression. Instead, the thin-skinned cable news network is trying to stop publication of a book which parodies it.

The book is "Lies and the lying liars who tell them" subtitled "A fair and balanced look at the right."

FoxNews claims it owns the phrase "fair and balanced."

The vicious wording of the lawsuit attempts to belittle writer Al Franken, calling him "a parasite" who "appears to be shrill and unstable." And a "C-level commentator" who is "not a well-respected voice in American politics." Hey, Fox— in America we do allow unrespected, C-level parasites to write books!

It is odd that the network which carried faked Afghanistan reports from Geraldo Rivera, and never retracted or corrected a Geraldo lie, would sweat an inference about not being fair and balanced.

This is funny: Franken’s upcoming book was ranked somewhere below 400 in sales at, and after the silly lawsuit, it has now shot to #1.

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Three Little Words: Fox News Sues

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