Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Baylor Odor Grows

I never went to college. You educated folks are way ahead of me.

When I was in basic training in the Army, a Sergeant said for everyone who had gone to college to raise his hand. They did, and the rest of us didn't. Sarge then said, "Okay, you college guys go over there are get those shovels, and show these uneducated soldiers how to use 'em." One of the high points of my Army years.

Across the decades since, I've seen college people shovel a whole lotta stuff. But what's being shoveled at Baylor these days may set a record.

No one noticed athletes were driving vehicles from one certain company? It went right over everyone's head that opposing teams' basketball practices were illegally filmed? Baylor bigwigs didn't know a player was being paid? They were surprised when a coach tried to character-assassinate a murder victim, to cover improper payments?

Seems like an awful lot gets by these college people.

But just like so long ago, they surely know how to shovel, don't they.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.


Dallas News 8/20/2003
Baylor: Evidence may reveal secret taping


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