Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, August 21, 2003

Let Them Eat Art

City Hall is in a whirling tizzy about the symphony orchestra.

It never has been self-supporting. Each year your city tax money is sprayed into the orchestra pit. Each year the hand is out again. City Hall now thinks maybe if the symphony would take a year off, things would magically be different. Dream on.

Our friend Richard Griffing emails a proposed solution to city hall's anguishing, local problem. Griffing writes,

"Since it seems that we only need the appearance of a symphony to be a world class city, and since no one ever actually goes ... We just SAY we have a symphony, and we advertise all events as being sold out. This way, we don't need to spend money, and get all the benefits of a successful program. Will cost about 12 dollars to do."

Griffing has put his finger on it. Perception is everything, so if people perceive us as having a symphony, we win— without having one, and without squandering taxpayers' money.

If people wanted a symphony, they'd support it, like they do the Dixie Chicks, P. Diddy, the Lawrence Welk Orchestra minus Lawrence, and the Accordion Kings.

It is silly to twiddle-twaddle over tax money for an orchestra, when tax belt-tightening just left 10-thousand local children without health care.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.


R.G. Griffing's phony symphony web page


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