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Friday, August 22, 2003

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Docs Losing Their Slang

Used to be, a doctor could scribble the initials GPO, or GLM, on your medical record, and you wouldn't know what that meant, but other doctors and nurses would. GPO is "good for parts only" and GLM is "good looking mama!"

In doctor slang, LOBNH is code for Lights On But Nobody Home. CTD is Circling The Drain— just about to croak. Among some doctors, it isn't unheard of to call an elderly person a Coffin Dodger, or the geriatric ward the Departure Lounge.

But lawsuits are supposedly killing off doctor slang.

Where will the pressure go next? I'd nominate certain EMS facilities, where BOHICA secretly stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again, GSH is a Giant Sweat Hog, and IBM stands for Incredible Barfing Man.

If lawsuits erase medical slang and acronyms, it'll be a PITA. That's pain in the anterior, I believe.

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