Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, September 8, 2003

Media Ignore Archbishop Testimony

TV and radio here sometimes ignore the meat of the news and run on fluff.

We just had a perfect example. In a deposition last month, the San Antonio archbishop promised that the church will investigate sex abuse accusations promptly, and take them seriously. Asked how, Patrick Flores said, "Well, we just simply pray and hope."

This is the same man who, in a prior deposition in the case, said he doesn't expect his own directives to be followed; who, more than 400 times, claimed he couldn't recall his own official actions, or important events, or even action taken against him by Rome; who testified that notes pertaining to investigations of sexual abuse charges made against priests are destroyed.

The sex abuse case in question is dead-serious stuff.

Last week when the latest deposition was made public, I am aware of no TV or radio newscast mentioning any of this. They reported one thing only:

While being deposed, the archbishop lost his temper and said "damn."

How can these local fluff merchants claim to be "news media" when the single item they report is a mild swear-word?

They should be truly ashamed of themselves. To get facts, I went to the San Antonio Express-News, which didn't mention the "damn" until the 15th paragraph.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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San Antonio Archbishop loses his memory

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