Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Arts and Culture Fund: County Leadership

Leadership on important local issues continues to come not from city leaders, but from the County Commission.

County Judge Nelson Wolff is leading on one of our area's most divisive issues— money for the arts. After all, it's tough to convince people that their tax money should go to an orchestra or finger-painting group, when state budget cuts have taken medical care away from kids. It's a huge question of priorities.

Judge Wolff wants to put arts funding where it belongs: in the private sector. He has been quietly laboring to put together a sort of United Way for the arts. Your company would agree to payroll withholding, if you would donate a portion of your paycheck. You could put your money where your mouth is on supporting the symphony and museums, if you wanted to. Your tax money would be freed up to go where it is much more needed.

Wolff's idea - the Bexar County Arts and Culture Fund - is another example of problems being solved at the county level. City-level politicians ought to be trying to learn from this.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

Express-News 9/9/2003
Arts and culture fund proposed

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