Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Dems Come Home: Why?

The formerly-quorum-busting Democrat senators have abandoned Albuquerque (city motto: "Cook a roast on your dashboard") and say they'll be in Austin on Monday for Gov. Perry's third special legislative session.

An example of what would liven up things around here— this photo, taken near a boat named Monkey Business, almost destroyed a political career STORY

Why have they returned? Nothing had changed. They could have kept the legislature from doing business for, oh, 300 years, the rate they were going. Then mysteriously, senior senator John Whitmire decided to bust the quorum bust, come home to Texas, and put the legislature back in business.

We're pretty much right back where we started before the **first batch of Killer D's walked out, the second week of May.

So redistricting - to put more Texas Republicans in the U.S. Congress - may get another hearing, after all.

And maybe someday the rest of us will learn what mysterious force moved the Democrat minority to fold its hand, when it still held the high cards.

I know this is too much for a radio talk host to hope, but wouldn't it be wonderful if it turned out to be a sex scandal involving a gorgeous young woman named Fluffy or Lou Bob? That'd liven things up around here!

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

**San Antonio Express-News 5/12/03
2003 version of 'Killer Bees' gets numbers to break quorum

Express-News 9/10/03
3rd try set for remap session

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