Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Governor Kinky

These two words - Governor Kinky - sound like a newspaper headline. Governor Kinky. Oh, really? In what way?

But the phrase Governor Kinky isn't a headline. It is a goal. Kinky Friedman says he has about 75 percent made up his mind to run for governor of Texas.

He claims that killer Jack Ruby inspired the name of his band: Kinky saw Ruby in two worlds, a Jew, and a cowboy. A Jewboy.

Isn't this the kind of thinking we need in Austin?

In the past, he has worked to prevent war between Kerrville and Fredericksberg. One of his books is, "Kinky Friedman's Guide to Texas Etiquette, or, How to Get to Heaven or Hell Without Going Through Dallas-Ft.Worth." He is in tune with real Texans: none of us wants to go through Dallas-Ft.Worth.

Austin American-Statesman columnist John Kelso quotes Kinky as saying, "I'm not running to lose, and if Willie Nelson and Lance Armstrong don't decide to run, you're now speaking to the next governor of Texas."

And, folks, I don't think Governor Kinky will have a bunch of embarrassing photos show up during the campaign, like the naked Arnold Schwarzenegger. What more could we ask?

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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