Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Texas Dem Primary Ruined

The ruling Republican party is having a terrific in-fight about redistricting. Austin GOP politicians are battered by their own friendly fire. Meanwhile, as the bickering continues, the deadline for drawing voting districts for the 2004 Super Tuesday primary elections has passed us by.

If Republicans do, in the end, agree on new voting district boundaries, it will be too late for those to apply to the March 2nd primaries. There are expectations that the Republicans will scratch Super Tuesday, and reschedule the party primaries to a later time when the new districts could legally become effective.

The huge result of a delay will be to ruin the presidential primary for Texas Democrats. Other states will choose the Democrat presidential contender on Super Tuesday: Texas won't vote until later, and the importance of the Democrat primary here will be embarrassingly diminished.

In my website poll yesterday, 49% said the Republicans did it on purpose. 51% said killing Super Tuesday was a side effect "with no malicious intent."

In Texas now, we have lost even the pretense of the two parties trying to get along. We now have the politics of bare-fisted, raw power.

Democrats are getting their political teeth knocked out worse than someone drop-kicking a carton of Chiclets.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

San Antonio Express-News 10-7-2003
Experts say delaying primary would mute Texas' national voice

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