Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, October 14, 2003

More Illegals, Please

Here are two news stories about catching illegal aliens along the Mexican border. See what you make of them.

The one in today's paper (Odds of release well known to undocumented immigrants) begins like this:

The government routinely releases undocumented immigrants caught along the U.S.-Mexican border while it decides whether to deport them, and roughly half of them don't show up for their date with an immigration judge. Federal officials say they don't have the resources to detain them all...

The other story (Drones Tested to Patrol US-Mexico Border) was in the paper yesterday. It begins:

The United States is testing pilotless drone aircraft, used in Iraq and Afghanistan, on the U.S.-Mexico border where they might be deployed to detect drug traffickers and illegal immigrants...

In these two stories about illegal aliens, one hand of the government says it can't handle all the illegals already being caught. The other hand of government says, "Hey! Let's get some drone airplanes and use 'em to find more illegal aliens!"

Your tax money at work.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.


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