Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, October 16, 2003

Letter From Grateful Iraq

Here is a letter from the grateful people of Iraq, who are paying 4 cents a gallon for gasoline:

Dear America.

How are you I am fine. Please to sending more billions US dollars to helping us, the grateful people of Iraq who run out to hug you and also exploding you.

President Commander Boosh correctly telling you we need US taxpayer dollar, 4-million dollar every day, for the cooking kerosene and the gasoline for us. We need so bad, you see.

You America SUV people we feel sorry you. America SUV people pay $1.35 gallon for gas. We here Iraq pay 4 cents. How that work you asking me?

You America SUV taxpayer send US tax dollars, buy gas in Kuwait $1.60 each gallon, bring here in truck, then you sell to us 4 cents a gallon. It is kind of miracle how $1.60 gas turn into 4 cents gas, you no think?

We very thank you sending us 4-cent gasoline here.

Yours truly,

Grateful people of Iraq who hug you and blow you up.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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