Brad Messer Commentary
Friday, October 17, 2003

Tower Tourism Tanking

City Hall wonders why the Tower of the Americas doesn't attract more tourists.

Eight percent of Seattle's tourists visit their Space Needle, but our Tower draws only 4 percent. Some decent restaurants make a lot more money per seat, too. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and Morton's of Chicago, pull in more than $20-thousand per year per restaurant seat. The Tower restaurant generates about half that.

Here are some of the City Hall theories about how to convert the Tower of the Americas into a tourist magnet: give the concession to a higher-class restaurant, maybe stick a nightclub up there, and add some attractions besides the coin-op binoculars on the observation deck.

They forgot to ask me for ideas, but you know bighearted, generous me: I am volunteering, regardless.

Here's my idea. You know how at the Renaissance Festivals the storytellers are a pretty big attraction? The Tower could adapt that idea. They could hire Leticia Van de Putte to sit up there and tell stories.

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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Report pans tower's draw

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