Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, October 20, 2003

Second-class treatment for our sick troops

United Press reports our country is treating returning National Guard and Reserve troops badly. UPI investigative reporter Mark Benjamin files a report that says,

"Hundreds of sick and wounded U.S. soldiers -- including many who served in the Iraq war -- are languishing in hot cement barracks [at Ft. Stewart, Georgia] while they wait -- sometimes for months -- to see doctors."

"Most soldiers in medical hold at Fort Stewart stay in rows of rectangular, gray, single-story cinder block barracks without bathrooms or air conditioning. They are dark and sweltering in the southern Georgia heat and humidity."

"Soldiers make their way by walking or using crutches through the sandy dirt to a communal bathroom..."

No air, no bathrooms, no treatment for months? If this is true, would someone please tell the Commander-In-Chief? I'm sure he will want to do something to help our sick soldiers. After all, he supports the military so much, right?

Brad Messer commentary, KTSA.

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