Brad Messer Commentary
Thursday, October 23, 2003

Local TV Sweeps: Strippers!!!

I am a television psychic.

The television rating sweeps begin next week. Local newscasts will be juiced up.


Your television psychic looks into the future: here's what I expect.

KSAT will make the startling discovery that there are strip clubs in the Alamo City, and its journalists will fearlessly enter, cameras rolling. If there are women inside with their clothes off, well, somebody has to cover the story.

KENS will break a major local story that the city has park restrooms where homosexuals go to meet new friends. TV news will find actual gay men at the restrooms and won't be afraid to report it.

I would poke fun at the WOAI Investigative Team, but they actually do real journalism, so I'll lay off. That leaves the rest of the Channel 4 news staff to chase down sweeps-week stories about breast enhancement surgery, the trend toward shorter skirts, and ad campaigns that shamelessly use almost-naked actors, who will be shown in great detail, in the name of journalism.

And someone may find and expose nude line dancers. That's what I predict. I am your television psychic.

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