Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, October 28, 2003


This cool front had hitchhikers.

Monarch butterflies ride south-moving fronts. After our Sunday cold front, most of the butterflies on Fall *migration have passed San Antonio on their way to central Mexico. They'll stay there until March, then head back north.

I gripe about some of the policies of Mexico, such as withholding water from Texas, and laughing off the theft of American checks from their postal system. But on the topic of butterflies, Mexico is moving in a positive direction. President Fox has supported a butterfly preserve.

I don't know where little flutter-bys fit into the big scheme of things. They're pretty, and likeable, and impressive. A butterfly finding its way thousands of miles to Mexico, to a place that butterfly has never been before, is something close to magic.

This is my personal goodbye to the Monarchs of 2003. It was good to see you flying by.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

* The other migration route, along the Texas coast, will still have butterfly travelers thru mid-November.

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