Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Toll Roads

We need new and better roads. We can't afford them right now. So why not borrow some money, build new roads where we need them, and then pay back the loans with tolls?

But "toll road" is a traumatic phrase, like "heart attack" or "tax audit".

We aren't generating enough tax money to pay for the major road improvements we so-obviously need. If we have to wait until we save up the money, we'll never get new roads. So our leaders are suggesting that we consider toll roads.

At first, one idea was to take away certain freeways and make them toll roads, to cut down the traffic load. Everyone hated that, so it became "let's add some lanes to existing freeways and charge tolls just for the new lanes."

That sounds like some kind of secret plot to some people, and they mostly don't like it.

Wake up and smell the asphalt, my friends. The old way ain't working right now. Unless a new way is found to pay for improving roads, what you see is what you'll have for decades to come. That isn't good enough.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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