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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

KSAT-TV Finds Hookers!!!

As you are unavoidably aware, the television rating sweeps are underway.

If I were in charge of writing a headline for a story that I saw on KSAT Channel-12 ten o'clock news last night, here's what it would say. It would be in big, bold headline type, so you understand that I have to say it loudly:

KSAT-TV News discovers hookers in East San Antonio!!!

Yes, my fellow TV news fans, Tuesday evening the hard-hitting Channel 12 investigative team reported that prostitution occurs in East San Antonio!

This makes me wrong.

In this very commentary slot two weeks ago [October 22] I had predicted that during the ratings sweeps,

"KSAT will make the startling discovery that there are strip clubs in the Alamo City, and its journalists will fearlessly enter, cameras rolling. If there are women inside with their clothes off, well, somebody has to cover the story."

Sweeps ain't over, and I admit that there's still time for Ch-12 to locate some strip clubs. But unless they do, my prediction stands in error— because they have found hookers, instead, for the sweeps.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.

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