Brad Messer Commentary
Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Poor Highway 281

The city is exploding to the north, shooting past city limits into the Hill Country, devouring and developing land ever faster.

Poor Highway 281 already can't handle it. Commuting's a wide-awake bad dream. Sometimes, in slow-and-go or while stopped, the thought of Los Angeles traffic might cross your mind.

This afternoon our Bexar County commissioners [agenda here] will consider several additional blobs of residential development, including expansions of Timberwood Park and Phase Two of Oliver Ranch.

Commissioner Lyle Larson stresses there is zero money in the state budget for widening Highway 281.

Through our extremely fast-growing northern areas, without a bigger road, the quality of life will suffer and there will be economic consequences.

That's one of the reasons for considering an alternative— building locally-planned TOLL ROADS.

Toll roads would be outrageous to a lot of people. But for the increasing thousands of new homeowners out north, toll roads might be the only answer. If we wait to hear the state volunteer to do it, we're going to hear silence.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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