Brad Messer Commentary
Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Clean Air Snub

Your elected officials are not personally representing you in the process of ginning up a Clean Air Plan.

At last night's AACOG meeting, neither Judge Nelson Wolff nor any other elected official from Bexar County represented you. Neither Mayor Ed Garza nor any other elected San Antonio city official represented you. Most other cities and counties did not snub the meeting.

San Antonio and Bexar empty chairs at last night's AACOG meeting

Our city and county head wazoos are sending flunkies to do their jobs. I wish voters would call and email 'em and say, Hey, I elected you to represent me, and you're not going to the Clean Air Plan meetings.

Without strong leadership at this stage, the flunky planners may well decide that we should have $40 annual car inspections with emissions tests. Tailpipe testing doesn't clean up air. Scientists know it— but the people who need to know it are our Clean Air Plan planners.

Judge, Mayor— they need supervision along about here. Don't snub the meetings. We'd appreciate it if you'd please go over and take care of the people's business.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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