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Thursday, November 20, 2003


Clean Air Snub, Part II

I was wrong about something and I want to set things straight.

Yesterday morning I said your elected officials are not personally representing you in the process of creating a Clean Air Plan.

I said that at Tuesday's AACOG meeting, neither Judge Nelson Wolff nor any other elected official from Bexar County represented you. Neither Mayor Ed Garza nor any other elected San Antonio city official represented you. Most other cities and counties did not snub the meeting.

No San Antonio mayor, no Bexar County Judge at 11/18 AACOG meeting

New info. I'm told that Judge Wolff did show up later. He had been stuck in traffic. But he had missed both major science presentations by the time he got there.

I was also reminded that Judge Wolff alone, of all the Bexar County Commissioners, supports *legislation that would stop us from being blamed for certain pollution that blows in from someplace else.

So I apologize to Nelson Wolff, who did show up at the Clean Air meeting after all.

Our San Antonio city elected officials are still sending flunkies to do their jobs.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


* HR 1891 text here


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