Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, November 24, 2003


Electronic Voting Machines

What good is a voting machine if you can't check up on it, if you can't go back and verify that votes were counted right?

Our new voting machines are that way— unverifiable. It's kind of like using your credit card with never any receipts, so that later it's impossible to confirm the numbers.

As soon as add-on printer attachments are available for our voting machines, Bexar County should buy them. Only then can voters trust the voting system— trust and verify.

Meanwhile, a competing electronic voting machine company – Diebold – has been exposed for selling machines with security and software problems. Thousands of internal emails show Diebold employees discussing the unreliability of their own machines. Meanwhile, Diebold kept selling them.

California just issued a statewide rule that, in the future, all electronic voting machines there must generate paper records.

We should do that, too. The one process we must be able to trust is counting and reporting votes.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.




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