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Wednesday, December 3, 2003


Bottled Water for Dogs

There is a picture from Iraq stuck in my mind. It is a brief television clip of American soldiers kicking down the door of a little house. A hovel, really. Inside we see two children dressed in little more than rags. I wondered what they had to eat that night.

Another picture, this time Africa. Little children with AIDS, in a dirty hospital, lying in dirty beds, skinny and mis-shapen, like victims of a WW2 death camp.

Any continent, any nation, has malnourished and sick children. All of the food problems, and probably most of the medical ones, could be cured if there was money to do the job.

I thought of the poor and suffering people of the world, when I saw a feature story out of Australia. It began with these words:

An Australian launched the latest accessory for pampered pooches Tuesday— bottled water in flavors like chicken and corn, liver and bacon, or beef.

You can buy a pint of Dog Plus K-9 water for two bucks and change. The inventor slash marketer said, "Dogs get bored with plain water -- they deserve variety just as much as people."

For the record, I have a hard time keeping starving, sick children in my brain, right alongside flavored, bottled water for dogs.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA. 12/2/2003
Australian sells bottled water for dogs


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