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Monday, December 8, 2003


Texas Dems: Fork ’Em

This was the year that Texas Republicans kicked sand in the face of Democrats, chased 'em to a cliff, and then stomped on their hands. Texas Dems fell fast and far.

By skedaddling to New Mexico to delay the remap vote, and thus delaying the Texas primary elections next March, Democrats sacrificed any influence Texas might have had in the national Super Tuesday primary elections.

One shining example of how hard the GOP stomped on the Dems is in Austin. The new District 10 goes clear over to the western Houston suburbs, whereas it used to be just eastern Travis County. The new District 25 zigzags down to the Mexican border. And most of Austin west of I-35 is lumped in the newly-shrunken District 21 [with Hays, Comal, Blanco and parts of Bexar County]. Austin's Democrat voting strength was sapped worse than ripping out Samson's hair.

The odd case of the Republican redrawing of Texas' congressional districts hits court tomorrow. If the remap is allowed to stand, the Lone Star state could send as many as seven more Republican U.S. Representatives to Washington.

And Texas Democrats? Fork 'em, they're done.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Dallas News 12/7/2003
Remap trial won't linger, but outcome could

Texas Legislature Redistricting Map 01374 adopted 10/12/2003 (pdf)
Pre-2003 redistricting Texas Congressional District map
Profiles of Texas Congressional Districts as of 2000 Census (pdf)

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