Brad Messer Commentary
Monday, December 15, 2003


One down, one to go

So, as the man said, "We got 'im!"

Much of the world dances, and shoots bullets into the air.

Capturing Saddam Hussein is terrific news for people who have been convinced that the US military has legitimate business in Iraq.


The capture has a powerful side effect, too. It re-stamps Saddam's name in headlines and TV news. And it drives even farther from our thoughts, the guy we should have been after all along — the one who did have something to do with 9-11 — Osama bin Laden.

Who? We just about never hear about Osama any more, do we. That's because the Great Diversion has worked. America's attention has been redirected, most successfully, to the giant screen— and we haven't even glanced at the man behind the curtain.

Let me remind those who need it: Saddam's capture makes it one down, one to go. And the missing one is, by far, the more dangerous of the two.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


New York Times 12/14/2003
Saddam found hiding in a hole


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