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Monday, December 22, 2003


Terrorist Alert

Over the weekend the Terror Alert level was raised to fuchsia. We should be 16 percent more nervous, and prepare to spread for wanding.

Thanks, Virginia

Tom Ridge, the man in charge of US National Colors, wants you to have it both ways; One, be aware that we are at "high risk" of a terrorist attack; Two, put that out of your mind and go ahead and travel.

A news story reported that Mr. Ridge said, quote

"..extremists abroad are planning attacks in the United States and have been trying to find weaknesses in the nation's aviation security."

Don't tell ’em, but weaknesses in aviation security have been reported for years. Do a Google search on "weaknesses in aviation security" and a hundred links pop up. Our own Government Accounting Office website has almost endless reports on holes, gaps and oversights. Just last month the GAO reported that there has been little testing to determine the effectiveness of airport screeners. Want to be 16 percent more nervous? Do an internet search on "effectiveness of airport screeners".

Raising the Terrorist Alert level is mildly interesting, but it's not to be confused with something that actually means much.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.





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