Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Friday, Jan. 16, 2004


WMD Snipe Hunt

Coalition forces in southern Iraq, still hoping to find weapons of mass destruction, thought maybe they had finally scored.

Old mortar shell in southern Iraq not a chemical weapon

Iraqis reported mortar rounds, which might be chemical weapons, buried near their village. After a quick dig, sure enough, fifty-plus old shells were found. Quick field tests indicated blister gas— but followup tests said the first readings had been false.

No WMDs after all. The mortar shells turn out to be from the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s.

An AP story in the Air Force Times said, "Before invading Iraq, the United States asserted that Saddam's regime had stockpiles of mustard gas [and] sarin, cyclosarin and VX ... Nine months after Saddam's regime collapsed, no such materials have been found."

At this point, it is still a WMD snipe hunt, and the pre-invasion WMD claims don't have the credibility of the Tooth Fairy.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Air Force Times 1/15/04
Another Iraq chemical weapons dead end

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