Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Friday, Jan. 30, 2004


President Brad

Yesterday a person I respect said she doesn't really want to vote for President Bush again. Reason is, after they got elected, a lot of the Republicans started acting like Democrats. Big spending, big deficit and so on. To complicate things, she also doesn't want to vote for a Democrat.

We were speculating about protest votes, for example, write-ins for fictional creatures such as Libertarians, or Mickey Mouse.

Then I got to daydreaming about what I'd do if I were president. I call that the Al Gore Game.

Take this issue of WMDs and pre-emptive war. In the first place, if there were no WMDs, there was simply nothing to pre-empt. Now that we all know that, if I was President Brad, I'd tell the American people something like this:

"I really, truly thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, because that's what our intelligence agencies told me. It turns out — one invasion and thousands of deaths later — that the spooks were wrong. So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm going to have a huge investigation, and then a huge shakeup in the CIA and DIA and other intelligence operations. Because I don't want to ever be wrong again and start a war over nothing."

That's what I'd say. But I don't think the real president will ever say such a thing.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.



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