Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Monday, Feb. 2, 2004


Positioning by Truth or Lie

You see more and more positioning. Companies and people position themselves with phrases or slogans.

In advertising and public relations, a positioning statement tries to make us have a certain thought or feeling about the company or person. We do it here. KTSA, live and local. San Antonio, the Alamo City. BMW, the ultimate driving machine. The slogan may be true, a stretch, or a flat-out lie. Kansas, simply wonderful.

Politicians use plenty of positioning statements.


Here's one of the most-used ones from the current president. He has been saying it repeatedly at fundraisers:

"I came to this office to solve problems, not to pass them on to future presidents and future generations."

Think Bush, think of not passing problems to future generations. Repeat it enough....

Today the president's proposed 2005 budget will be released. It will forecast an astonishing deficit of $521 billion. Spending more than a half-trillion dollars in excess of what we have, passing the debt along to future generations.

Can a positioning statement overcome that?

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


A.P. 2/1/2004
Bush talks thrift but spending rises

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