Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2004


Wardrobe Malfunction

I my own self have had wardrobe malfunctions.

Many years ago, I accidentally became the last man in North America to buy a leisure suit. They were declared out of fashion 7 minutes later, and I was stuck with mine.

When I was a Valley Boy at Harlingen High, I got one new pair of shoes per year, right before school started. I chose a goofy-looking, sort of orangish pair. I was stuck with orange shoes for a whole year. A fairly major wardrobe malfunction.

And just the other day — somewhat like Janet herself — I lost a piece of clothing. I think that counts as a wardrobe malfunction. Flying my little open-cockpit airplane, I took off one glove to adjust something, and — whoosh! — the wind caught it. It was gone. That lone glove is somewhere in a field northeast of here. I feel prohibited from wearing the one glove I still have, because that would remind people of Michael Jackson.

Folks, almost everywhere you look, there are serious wardrobe malfunctions every day. Many excellent examples will be on display at the rodeo.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


A.P. 2/1/2004
CBS apologizes for Janet Jackson breast-baring end to Super Bowl halftime show, MTV probably banned from ever producing halftime again

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