Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2004


CPS Customer Service

Want to hear a good joke? CPS Customer Service. Sometimes that's a joke.

There are people who called City Public Service two weeks ago and are still on Hold.

Our city-owned gas and electric company does provide some of the lowest-cost power in Texas. But on the way to doing that, some corners are cut, and answering telephones is one of them.

CPS has heard all this a million times, of course. Well, would have heard it a million times if anyone could get through to tell 'em.

Now CPS is ready to do something about it. The board has decided to give a bonus to the underpaid General Manager, if he can improve customer service.

The GM's base salary is a measley $280-thousand. If he can improve customer service as well as four other areas, he can get a total bonus of $280-thousand. In other words, he can double his income to $560-thousand a year. For what? For doing his job.

You could call CPS to whine about that, but who wants to be on Hold all day?

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


San Antonio Express-News 2/3/2004
CPS adds spark to chief's pay

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