Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Thursday, Feb. 5, 2004


GI Deaths Up

We had hoped, two months ago, that the capture of Saddam Hussein would be the beginning of the end of resistance in Iraq.

The two generals overseeing the 82nd Airborne in the Sunni Triangle, and the 4th Infantry Division around Tikrit, believed it was happening. Fewer of our guys were being killed, they said. But the lull was a fluke.


On average, GIs are still dying at a rate of one-plus per day. We lost 45 soldiers in January— the second-highest total since we were invading last April.

The average number of attacks on our troops is the same now as before Saddam was pulled out of the spider hole.

The number of coffins arriving home remains terribly steady. By the numbers, nothing has improved over there.

528 troops dead, thousands of civilians dead. Many more wounded and maimed for life.

History will judge whether the WMD snipe-hunt invasion was necessary, and worth even one life.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Army Times 2/4/2004
War's death toll continues to rise

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