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Tower Suspicions

Some people are suspicious about this Tower of the Americas business.

City Hall wants to jazz up the old, city-owned Hemisphere Tower to attract more tourists. It needs a better restaurant. But only two companies have bid for the concession— and one of 'em is the outfit that has it now.

I ran a non-scientific poll yesterday about the two-bid situation. More than half of voters believe the city hasn't put a good enough effort into soliciting bids.

But the mayor and council appear hot to get something going, so it looks like a deal will be cut pretty soon. This afternoon, the two companies make sales pitches to city council. (Here's another time when it would be great to be able to conveniently look up who has contributed how much to which elected leaders.)

Re-invigorating the Tower of the Americas is a wonderful goal. But it's hard to believe serious effort is going into it, if only two companies want the job.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
Only 2 bids for Tower concession
posted 8:40 a.m. - 8:40 p.m. Wednesday Feb 18, 2004
Only the current operator and one other have bid to run the Tower of the Americas concession, which is mainly a restaurant. What do you make of the lack of bids?
The bid process is rigged
Only two companies in the whole world think the Tower restaurant would be a good invesment
City Hall hasn't put a good enough effort into soliciting bids
Other (write a Comment)
Total votes 224


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