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Mexican Water Debt

Let's say I buy a car from you and promise to pay $200 a month.

When the first payment is due I show up with 200. But I miss the second and third payments. In fact, I miss a whole year, and then another year, and I go years without making a payment. You keep asking me nicely to do it, but I don't.

Let's say in January of this year I finally finally decide to make another payment. And I pay again in February. You say thanks, but where's the rest of the money? I say get off my back, I'm up to date, because I've made every payment I owe this year.

Folks, that's what Mexico does about water it owes Texas. Years without paying, then make a few payments and claim to be all caught up— ignoring all the missing years. Bush did diddley about it as governor, and very little about it as president. Senator Hutchison the other day said our government's effort to collect our water debt has been "halfhearted."

She's right. Ask the Rio Grande Valley growers. They're easy to find: they're over at the Poor House.

After Senator Hutchison's "halfhearted" criticism, Governor Perry says he fears the President of Mexico might be offended that we want the debt paid.

Presidenté Fox should be offended— offended at his own miserable payment record.

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


Houston Chronicle 2/19/2004
Perry chides senator over water remarks

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