Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Monday, March 15, 2004

D.A. Won't Prosecute DEA Killer Agent

After 13 months of investigations into the killing of teenager Ashley Villereal— the District Attorney won't prosecute the drug agent who shot her: the Drug Enforcement Administration still hasn't finished its own investigation.

In learning of the D.A.'s no-prosecution decision, no minds will be changed at this point. Some people will still believe that DEA agents have a license to kill, and that fellow lawmen will almost always cover for them.

Other people will believe that you can't judge if you weren't there, that when things happen too fast decisions may not always be correct, and that the DEA agent may live with a heavy burden on his conscience forever.

I put a poll online over the weekend. When I last checked, 83 percent of the respondents had chosen the statement, "I suspect the DEA has a license to kill without accountability."

83 percent!

Here's another thing that people are not likely to chance their minds about. Pro-DEA folks will be convinced that the District Attorney made a tough decision, knowing there'd be a lot of public criticism. Anti-DEA people will say, "See, they all cover for each other."

Brad Messer— commentary, KTSA.


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