Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Thurday, March 18, 2004

Feel Safer Now?

The reason the US invaded Iraq a year ago was, we were told, to make us safer— to protect our national security.

I put my Ten-Foot Poll online asking people whether they do feel safer now. Fifteen-percent said yes, much safer, or at least a little safer. Nine-percent feel about the same now as they did then. Three-percent feel somewhat less safe. Added up, all those responses totaled 27% of the respondents.

The rest of the people who took the poll, 72% of all the votes, fell into two other categories. About 3 in 10 people say they feel "much less safe" than before we invaded. The biggest single response, 40%, was from folks who say they never really felt very unsafe in the first place.

Yeah, I know, perception isn't necessarily reality. The reality may or may not be that America really is safer because of our invasion. But of the people who answered the poll here, only 15% feel a little safer or much safer.

The predominant perception is that the invasion did not fulfill its announced purpose.

Brad Messer Commentary, KTSA.



Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
posted 10am-11pm Wednesday 3/17/2004
March 19th of last year, President Bush announced the US invasion of Iraq, saying it was necessary to protect our national security. A year later, do you feel safer?
Yes, much safer
A little safer
About the same
Somewhat less safe
Much less safe
Never really felt very unsafe in the first place
Total votes 640


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