Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Daylight Time

Daylight Savings Time returns on Sunday. We go through the Spring Forward routine on our kitchen clock, living room clock, alarm clocks, car dashboard clocks, computer clocks, wristwatch... and on and on.


Can't we all just get rid of Daylight Time? It doesn't seem to serve much purpose any more. No matter how much we try to fool ourselves about getting more useable daylight, it stays exactly the same— except we have to go around re-setting a million clocks.

Benjamin Franklin supposedly thought up Daylight Saving Time, but I suppose he could be forgiven on account of also inventing bifocals, catheters, lightning rods and the Franklin stove.

The US started fooling with the time in 1918, a few years after Europe. But we didn't get full-blown nationwide Daylight Savings Time, the way we have it now, until 1986.

It's too much hassle. It wastes time. It wastes money. It's inefficient and it doesn't really do much good. (Why did I just think of my first wife?)

Brad Messer Commentary, KTSA.



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