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UPDATE from 4/1 script which was not aired

Stolen Election?

This 2004 election in Congressional District 28 will be talked about for years. In the photo finish between Congressman Ciro Rodriguez and challenger Henry Cuellar of Laredo, votes have mysteriously appeared.

Rebeca Rodriguez reported on the Express-News website:

  • In Zapata County, a previously uncounted box of 304 ballots was discovered, with nearly 80 percent for Cuellar.
  • In Webb County, the recount turned up 177 new votes for Cuellar and none for Rodriguez...
  • In Webb, the recount vote total was 115 ballots greater than the number of ballots counted on primary election day.

Cuellar has pulled into a 203-vote lead over Congressman Rodriguez, who says he's filing a lawsuit because this smells like fraud and vote-tampering.

It doesn't get a heck of a lot better than this. It's up there with 1948, when 202 mysteriously-found votes in Ballot Box 13 in Duval County made LBJ a Senator.

Where's my popcorn? This's worth watching. Is it going to turn out to be a stolen election? So far all it lacks in sleaziness is Janet Jackson for the halftime show.

Brad Messer Commentary, KTSA.


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Cuellar ahead by 203 votes after 11-county recount

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Cuellar's lead grows after more recounts

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"Ballot Box 13"

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