Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Thursday, April 29, 2004


Remember Fluoride

Ol' Diogenes



Twenty-five hundred years ago, give or take a couple hundred, a guy named Diogenes supposedly walked around trying to find one honest person. Just one. Legend says he walked all over Athens and no soap.

I'm guessing that ol' Diog would get exactly the same result in San Antonio, if he walked around looking for a person who is real happy with our city government.

Did you ever hear one person express great delight in San Antonio having wonderful elected officials?

Me neither.

People do love to gripe. Now we have the odd situation of city leaders, knowing that the griping public is critical of them, asking for longer terms, more of 'em, and real salaries. Not for themselves, but for others in the future.

It's an uphill fight. The aginners — who are agin 'most everything — have the figurative high ground on these City Charter issues. Aginners are more likely to actually vote: they get pretty worked up.

Aginners shouldn't count their chickens yet, though. Remember the fluoride election.

Brad Messer Commentary, KTSA.

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