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Recount Goes to Court

Can U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez prove someone tried to steal the election?

If the judge decides next Tuesday to go ahead with a trial, it'll start in a week and a half (May 10 tentative). Three-term incumbent Democrat Rodriguez questions the sudden, miraculous appearance of enough votes to throw the primary election to his opponent, Henry Cuellar.

Rodriguez' attorney says he has evidence of ineligible and phantom voters in the March 9th primary. One of the mysteries reported by the Express-News was "115 votes for Cuellar that turned up in the recount that had apparently not been tabulated election night."

Cuellar and Rodriguez had been friends in the Texas Legislature. Cuellar served in the House from 1985 until 2001, when Governor Perry named him Secretary of State.

We need to hear the facts in court. At this stage, as I noted in a Commentary at the beginning of this month, this mess is "up there with 1948, when 202 mysteriously-found votes in Ballot Box 13 in Duval County made LBJ a Senator."

Brad Messer Commentary, KTSA.

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