Brad Messer Commentary • KTSA • Friday, May 7, 2004

Graduating Bushes

Both Bush daughters are about to graduate— but Dad and Mom won't be there.

Jenna majored in English at U-T Austin: Barbara has studied humanities at Yale.

(Please note, at this point, that I have said nothing about anyone trying to get served at bars when they are underage. This shows my maturity, my sense of propriety, and lack of a vicious killer instinct.)

You might think that it would be no skin off Dad's nose to go to graduation. He could do it without missing a beat. All those phones and radios and whatnot could keep him in touch, should he suddenly need to request another $25-billion for invasions or something.

But being out of touch isn't the reason he will miss his daughters' graduations, the White House says.

It's so other parents and guests won't have to bog down going through metal detectors and other presidential security measures.

Pretty considerate, don't you think? He ought to win some hearts with this.

Brad Messer Commentary, KTSA.


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