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Austin Hurricane

Here's a headline in the Austin newspaper:

Chance of hurricane strike here? Not likely.

It says the last hurricane to cross the Texas coast and punch Austin around a little was Carla. That was a long, long time ago. 1961. Carla was the first big hurricane I covered as a cub reporter. It was a 175 mile an hour Cat 5.

A Houston TV anchor went to Galveston to report on Carla from the weather bureau office. The storm was huge and deadly, and he got a lot of national television exposure. His work was so impressive that a network offered him a job. That was Dan Rather.

Now Austin starts saying, forty-plus years later, that it isn't very likely that a hurricane will hit the capital.

That tells me one thing. Austin is probably about to get it.

Sure as some expert says stuff won't happen, that's when it happens. The citizens of Gomorrah on the Colorado might as well go out and buy plywood, flashlight batteries and 12-paks right now.

Brad Messer, commentary, KTSA.

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