Brad Messer Commentary
KTSA • Monday, November 1, 2004

Where's Albert?

Anyone seen Bob or Albert?

Four years ago this month, KENS-TV zapped Bob Salter. Two years ago this week, for reasons also not quite believable, KENS-TV weatherman Albert Flores was fired.

On KENS-TV website in 2002 before they deleted it

Bob and Albert vanished from the public eye.

Flores had been with the TV station two-decades-plus. He was canned, they said, for plagiarizing websites to make up his newspaper weather column.

I always believed he was let go because he made a ton of money.

Same with Salter. He was a star anchor at KENS-TV when the station was bought by Belo. The new people demoted him to the "Eyewitness News Wants to Know" segment. He sued, claiming he'd been hired to be an anchor. He won his case and a few hundred thousand dollars, but vanished.

Off the top of your head, can you name the people who replaced Albert and Bob?

Me neither.

KENS probably saved a ton by getting rid of its well-known talent, but I think in the long run, it cost the station more.

Brad Messer commentary— KTSA.

San Antonio Business Journal, 11/21/2000
On-air personality Salter leaves KENS-TV

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