Brad Messer Commentary
KTSA • Monday, November 8, 2004

Almost Martial Law

Under Saddam Hussein, people in Iraq did not have freedom of movement. They had no right to assemble. The state could confiscate their money and property without a trial if they were merely suspected of conspiracy.

All that changed, for a while, after we invaded Iraq. But over the weekend, the interim Iraqi government declared a "state of emergency" under which many of the new citizen rights are suspended.

The declaration in Iraq has some aspects of martial law. Mail can be seized. Phones and email may be secretly monitored by the government. There is much more.

I thought democracy was supposed to sprout, and grow like Jack's Beanstalk over there.

But right now it looks more like a Venus Flytrap.

Brad Messer commentary— KTSA.


11/7/2004 Al Jazeera
Alawi declares state of emergency

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