Brad Messer, retired radio talk host and news director, farewell emails




My last day on the radio was July 12, 2007— an end to a 47-year career as a news director and talk host. When people became aware that my 16 years in Talk had abruptly ended, these emails began to come in, unsolicited and deeply appreciated. Thanks, folks!


Brad, I'll miss you on the radio. My son, Andy, (then 12 years old) and I would crack up laughing at your comments during the 2000 presidential election coverage. You said something like "on the Florida ballots, to vote for Al Gore you punch out the 'B' hole; so George W. must be the A-hole", then went straight to commercial. Andy and I looked at each other like "did he really just say that?!" and busted out laughing! Thanks so much for your show. It was fun.


Brad, Can't believe you will no longer be a part of my radio fix. I don't want to come across as a selfish soul but the only reason I listened to 550am was because of your honesty, uncommon common sense and down to earth approach. You will be missed! Good luck and good fortune.

I always enjoyed your low-key and thoughtful comments, your humor, and your way of thumbing your nose at serious issues sometimes. You have richly deserved all of the accolades that you’ve received over the years and it was an act of class not to accept any more hall of fame awards, stepping aside so that another person could be honored. You’re a class act, my friend. What will you be doing to fill up your time, now that you’re retired? More flying, I’m sure, but will you spend more time on your website (I hope)? Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll attack it with the same energy and class that I have observed in you over the years.


I have known you were gone but only now am I taking the time to tell you how I feel about it, sorry for taking so long. I will miss you on my mid-morning ride home from college this semester. I am a 35-year old Veteran/Joe College/Mr Mom and I found your show a breath of fresh air; different in that you weren't some pundit spouting crap from a dogmatic script given to you by your handlers. Shame on KTSA for firing someone such as yourself. You are the very epitome of Texas' attitude and fierce independent spirit. There are a few still on that I would have much rather seen go but instead they fire the maverick and bring in more syndicated programming. It makes me sad to see you go when you are the kind of journalist we need and you fit so well in the South Texas area. I hope this finds you doing well, take care and thank you for what you do.


PERSONAL --- Border Media Partners is the company that bought KTSA - the station where I had been a talk host for 16 years - and "retired" me July 12, 2007 as part of their cost-cutting scheme, or because I sucked. They didn't say.


David Hendricks - San Antonio Express-News
Lenders may seize Texas radio stations
(July 17, 2009) --- Three New York City-based lenders are set to seize control of the Dallas-based parent company of seven San Antonio radio stations, an industry publication reported Thursday.
Inside Radio said Goldman Sachs Group, Vestar Capital Partners and D.B. Zwirn & Co. will take control of Border Media Partners for lack of debt payments. The report said Border Media has not made a debt payment in two years.
Border Media operates 29 radio stations and Internet sites in San Antonio, Austin, Laredo, Waco and the Rio Grande Valley. The seven San Antonio stations are KTSA, JACK-FM (KJXK), KTFM, ESPN 1250 (KZDC), KSAH, KRIO and KLEY. The stations all operate from facilities at 4050 Eisenhauer Road.
Inside Radio reported that an asset liquidation could follow the lenders' takeover. It also said Border Media Chief Executive and President Jeff Hinson may step down by the end of July.
A spokesman for Goldman Sachs declined to comment. Calls seeking comment from Border Media and from other lenders were not returned Thursday.
Hinson was named “America's Best Broadcaster” for 2009 by Radio Ink and was presented the award during the Radio Advertising Bureau convention in Orlando, Fla., in March.
WASHINGTON -- July 27, 2009: Border Media Partners has been taken over by its lenders an "amicable manner," according to an FCC filing. Border Media has 29 stations, most airing Spanish-language formats. Larry Patrick, head of brokerage Patrick Communications, becomes trustee for the Border Media Business Trust. The trust becomes the 100 percent equity owner of the stations, with Patrick having voting control.
Border Media Partners moves 22 more stations to trust
January 6, 2010 --- Border Media Partners has made a deal to sell KFON-AM/Austin to REO Radio Group for $1.5 million. ... Additionally, BMP is moving its other 22 stations to the Border Media Business Trust, for which Larry Patrick serves as trustee. BMP was taken over by its lenders and the trust launched in July 2008.





Wanted to say thank you for everything you have and will do for San Antonio. Your candor, honesty and content are sorely missed. I have enjoyed your show for a long time and have not been able to find anything close to fill the void. Best wishes and good luck with everything in the future.

You are a class act whose words of wisdom reminded me of my late father. ... We (your fans) selfishly want you back on the air, because you challenged us to think and you made us feel better about ourselves. You have served the public well for 47 years; your retirement is well deserved.

When I moved to the area in 1998, your show was a very welcome discovery- an entertaining and intelligent discourse about local as well as national issues. It became apparent early on that this show was head and shoulders above anything else in not only the region, but in the country (I travel frequently and listen to a lot of talk radio). I was thrilled to find you, and very upset that you are no longer on the air, as well as how your departure has handled. Brad, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a uniquely talented radio host who personifies all that is best about the profession. You find the potential in every subject and relate it in a manner that is top-drawer…

I discovered your show almost 10 years ago when we moved to Central Texas and listened to you whenever possible. I found that you always had interesting topics to discuss and was always impressed how you were able to find someone who was in the know to talk with on whatever the topic was. Although I didn't always agree with your views, I appreciated you presenting the facts in a pretty unbiased manner and were always willing to discuss the topics openly, even with those who didn't agree with you. I don't know of any other talk shows still on the air that did such a commendable job of presenting news stories with some personal insight, often with varying views. Congratulations on a job well done through the years! Glad that you were able to do the show "your way" for those many year. Enjoy the retirement and the new puppy! Best Regards and thanks for many pleasant hours

Brad, my husband & I are truly missing your fine show! You were the one moderate bright spot on conservative talk radio, & I am sick at heart. Now what am I going to do???

Of all the KTSA hosts, yours is the voice I will miss most.  I've been a regular listener for as long as you've been on KTSA.  I have ignored most of the time-slot changes that have happened in the last 15 years, but I have always sought you out and fit at least part of your show into my schedule.  It seems that those who made talk radio great are being slowly replaced with syndication.  Even the nationals I like get boring after a few weeks.  You have always been fresh and related national and local concerns.  At least once a day you managed to get me hopping mad.  I hope whatever retirement means for you will be great and you'll find plenty of other opportunities to both irritate folks and make them laugh.

We're missing loving to hate you. ... I hope you're doing well, ya fu**ing commie...

I went on a three week vacation to Europe and when I returned you were gone and until today I did not know that you had retired.  Jeanne Jakle had it in her column.  Two restaurants went out of business while I was gone and I thought maybe I had missed the end of world, or at least an era.  I always enjoyed your show and was sorry to not hear you anymore.  To me all of the good local guys are gone, but like you I remember that management makes their own decision ... I guess that I will find another station because I don’t want talk radio out of the north or anywhere else.  I want local talk radio. Sorry to see you go, but enjoy your retirement.

You are a very gracious, nice, and honest man.  You have your politics and I have mine.  However, I don't think I could ever be angry with you although we disagreed.  You just have that knack of understanding and debating with dignity.  I will miss that.

Just wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed your shows. I could always count on you to entertain and inform me on those long sales trips all over south Texas. I, for one, will really miss your wit and "savoir faire". Best wishes to you and your family.

I am a 30-year AF vet, traveled around the world … consider myself a talkshow junkie … kept my radios fixed for years on 550AM or "off" and did everything I could to listen to YOU, even sat in my car listening up to the last minute before going in for appointments. In a word, you were the BEST on radio I'd ever heard. Obviously, even though you've earned retirement, I'm still sickened and going through withdrawal since you retired...and I've retired from listening to KTSA. They should have coerced you to stay, if possible. Too many listeners want you back! What a 'bonehead' move by the station, guess they really don't deserve you, regardless. You did not shy away from controversy and you were fearless of the politicos. Thank you for your radio service, and the many years of intelligent entertainment. Best to you and yours, always,



I have waited to email you so i could give your replacement a fair chance.  I like ___ as a radio personality, but he isn't Brad Messer.  I have for the most part stopped listening to KTSA.  ___ is a good fellow, however the station has gone too far to the right for me.  I like you am a moderate.  Mr. Messer I will pray for you in the future, I hope that you have a great time and don't stay "retired" for long. God Bless you Brad.

I'm so happy you are posting on your website!  But still so worried and depressed about your "retirement." My son got laid off days after you "retired."  It looks like he will have a bigger, better paying job within the week, so hopefully your "retirement" will prove to be a bigger and better thing for you too! ... KTSA lost so much credibility and class with your departure.  That is very sad.

I surely do miss your program, you're one hell of a talk show host. Hope you and the Mrs. have a wonderful retirement but easy on the gas bill with a new motor home. However, I would venture to guess that you'll be back within a year, with another program somewhere in the radio industry.  You are not an ideological prostitute: you have to put your two bits in there, as you should.  You left a hugh intellectual vacuum with your radio station, that's a shame.

What happened to you? You are the best talk show host in America. I've missed hearing you on the radio. Where are you now and what are you going to do? Best wishes for you.

I cannot believe they (KTSA) would be so stupid to let you go.  YOU were the best thing they had.  Why? One might guess---wait!  I know, you were not enough of a conservative to meet the requirements of the majority of listeners to THAT station. Well, they can count me out too.  I always waited for 11 AM to listen to you, now there are too many ___ and too many YES men on that station.  Then you have the waste of time show ___.  Who in hell listens to that? If you start another gig with someone local, please send me an email and tell me where. 
PS: I used to send you some zinging emails and you were always gracious to put me in my place.

I sure do miss you on the radio. You were an important part of my work day. I am a home health Occupational Therapist that does home visits with our geriatric citizens of San Antonio. I am in my car all day.  I also have MANY patients that were tuned into you each day. All have commented on your absence from the radio. And though I can't speak for all of them, they feel the void on the radio from your absence. I, we, wish you and your wife a happy retirement. I will keep track of your website and keep those of my patients who listen to you apprised of how you are doing. With the deepest respect and fondest admiration. Good luck. God bless you and your family.

Have you ever considered doing a daily news and opinion website? San Antonio really needs a good local link to news stories.  In my opinion, none of the local TV stations have decent content. Their biggest problem is that they don't update often enough and they rarely (if ever) update on weekends.  You could be the next Drudge.  I would certainly buy advertising, as would hundreds of others.  That would be great extra income during retirement.



I'll never be as eloquent as most of the other folks who've written to you on the web site, so let me just say you have always been a class act, even with EX employers, and will be sorely missed. But selfishly, all I can say is DANG DANG DANG!


Since my own retirement I've automatically scheduled my errands from 11 to 1, just so I can listen to your show while enjoying avoiding the rush hour traffic jams. I just learned from your web site that you're only three years younger than I am, so it's a good age to retire, however it came about. Take time to ENJOY IT!




Regardless of your website request that listeners of your previous radio show at KTSA not be angry at the new owners (BMP), I respectfully request that you let me be just that. They kept ___ … who was pompous enough to say (of Bush) "Well, he's my President and I'm going to support him" and a bunch of other baloney - until Bush got so bad even ___ had to back off the idiotic support. Sorry. ___ is probably a personal friend. … You seemed, at least, to have researched and given thought to the topics you discussed. You had guests that you queried in a professional manner and, while I'm sure some at sometime or other must have been idiotic guest, you handled all that I heard you talking with with style, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. I will miss hearing you on radio. And, yes, I AM VERY ANGRY at KTSA. I'm listening to KTSA only rarely now. They have been a very good talk show station. They are sadly depleted with your departure.



I'm sorry that you were SAKT by KTSA. Hope they at least sent you out the door with a comfortable pouch filled with gold nuggets…

At 34 I feel like I’ve basically “grown-to-adulthood” while listening to you. I’ve been an avid fan since I was 21 and started listening to talk radio on a regular basis. After listening to other shows and hosts, I found that I enjoyed your mannerism, respect, insight, and honesty more than the other hosts on San Antonio radio talk shows. I’ll be missing your straightforward analysis of the day’s events, but, I certainly hope your “retirement” keeps you busy and happy enough. Best wishes to you, the wife, and the kids. Thank You For All You’ve Done

I am – was - a long time listener to your show. I wore a headset while I worked out and really enjoyed your program. …  Since I am of your vintage, relating to your train of thought was very easy. Although I may not have agreed with you, I enjoyed your take on the varied subjects. To me those who “retire” simply quit a job they do not like and start doing another job they enjoy. Based on this, when are you going to be broadcasting again? Good luck to you and hope to hear you soon.

We just returned from that trip to Europe & cruising on the Danube. Spent time in Hungary (Budapest for 3 days), Slovakia, Austria, Germany & Czech Republic (Prague for 3 days). Was thrilled to see that others feel as we do concerning your "retirement". Enjoyed reading the posted e-mails; obviously you have a GREAT fan base. Show those corporate guys & come back on the air somewhere else on the dial! I agree with the others that KTSA is no longer on our pre sets. Can't understand the absence of "common sense" & decency in today's world…

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you at KTSA and you by far are the best host I've ever worked with. I told you before, you are the only one who can compete with Rush or Hanity. I loved your show, even when I went to ‘OAI. All in all Brad, you are a class act, a great talk host and I'm lucky to have worked with you and to call you a friend. (former co-worker, obviously)

I went out of town for a couple of weeks and I came back and couldn't find you. You packed up and left no forwarding address. I listened to the station and felt sure you must be on vacation. It eventually dawned on me that no one was mentioning anything about any vacation. I also noticed that the schedule seemed mixed up. I tried to listen at various times, but of course I never found you. You were the main reason I listened to KTSA. (I must say I like Bob Webster's show quite a bit too). I love your personality. You seem very fair. You have an opinion, but you let other folks have theirs too without making them feel inferior. I hope you keep your web site updated-- I still want to hear what you have to say. Best wishes to you and your family- Blondie included!

It's sad to hear that I will not be hearing you voice on the radio any more. Dave Ramsey and you are the only reasons I listen to talk radio. I wish I owned a radio station so I could hire you. There needs to be more balanced shows like yours and less of the Republican propaganda shows that are on these days. Good luck and if you do get another show please post it so we can hear truth on the radio again. It was an honor and a pleasure listening to your show.

I see your radio station has lost its corporate mind, letting you go and keeping the likes of ___. It helps to be a bureaucratic suck up, as you may have found. I miss your truthful enlightenment. Oh well another one bites the dust. Take care.

Brad we miss you! Best wishes for an enjoyable retirement. I still use your website to get info like weather, gov emails, etc.






What happened to you? I go on vacation and come back to an alien place. Brad, my name is ___ and I've listened to you on and off for many of your 16 years. Sometimes I thought your show was just stupid, but most of the time you were great. But I can tell you this: a stupid Brad Messer shows beats the hell out of most things on radio today. I appreciate you professionalism, especially in the way you're dealing with this, but I don't have to be professional. ___ is awful and needs so give it up. ___, not even worth commenting. I listen to WOAI when ___ is on so I don't care. And what's with all this syndicated crap. You talked about San Antonio & south Texas, that's why I listened, even through the stupid stuff. Dude, you are SO missed. Best wishes in retirement

Now that the dust has settled, I'd just like to wish you all the very best. And in case I forget next Feb. 7th, happy 68. I remember the last time you were "fired". KTSA just didn't sound right until you came back.

As you know it would be easy to tear the radio station down that didn't renew your contract but why do that? They're already doing a good job of it. Local radio is slowly but surely being phased out. It's only a matter of time that KTSA will have 24 hours of syndicated programs. The rest of the crew at KTSA needs to face the music -- within the next year to year and a half they will be goners (the domino theory). I believe that the future for local talk programs will be the internet … In fact I never called you but here I am E mailing you. Good Luck on your adventures and endeavors.

I went out of town on July 11th and when I returned on the 29th and looked for your show on the 30th, I thought perhaps they had just reshuffled the lineup. Now, of course, I know that you are "retired." My two favorite radio hosts were you and Eliza Sonneland. I guess there is no room for anyone but hardcore conservatives here. Anyway, I wish you all the best.

Sorry to hear. Sad to see the slow demise of local programming [which] certainly doesn't help the public discourse. We appreciated your interest in our guests and research. Best of luck in your retirement and please let us know if you wind up going back on the air. (a Texas policy foundation)

I am going to miss your wit and knowledge. I work at ___ and a great many people out there expressed their sadness that you are off the air. Good luck in the future.

I was gone a couple of weeks, came back & you are not there. I would listen during my lunch hour at work. … Enjoy retirement. I will miss your sense of humor and comments.


I waited until the din subsided as I know you have received many notes about the decision on your departure. I can assure you that I empathize deeply with you. We had a relationship in which, after my initial shock I suppose, I realized your role and certainly appreciated your willingness to ask the hard questions. We all worked with what I call "threshold communications" and I believe you always knew where the line was. It is a moving line based on the subject, the group involved and the impact. I think that we shared that level of professional approach and understood, as Einstein said - we cannot solve significant problems at the same level of thinking we were at when they were created. The challenge was always moving to a new level and at what speed. (a public official)


I was surprised that you had retired. I now understand the circumstances after reading your note on your homepage. I will truly miss listening to you. I really enjoyed your keen insight into the SORRY administration in office with particular reference to #2. However, if you are happer in retirement, kudos to you. I guess I will stay current with you via your website.
Thanks for all the years of quality, intelligent and entertaining talk radio.


It's sad to hear that I will not be hearing you voice on the radio anymore. Dave Ramsey and you are the only reasons I listen to talk radio. I wish I owned a radio station so I could hire you. There need to be more balanced shows like yours and less of the Republican propaganda shows that are on these days. Good luck and if you do get another show please post it so we can hear truth on the radio again. It was an honor and a pleasure listening to your show.


Brad we miss you! Best wishes for an enjoyable retirement. I still use your website to get info like weather, gov emails, etc.


I see your radio station has lost its corporate mind, letting you go and keeping the likes of ___ . It helps to be a bureaucratic suckup, as you may have found. I miss your truthful enlightenment. Oh well another one bites the dust.




I wanted you to know that you are missed. You reminded me of Paul Harvey - a voice I grew up listening to because of my dad. Once again, KTSA shows its colors for getting rid of great talk show hosts that brought the news to its listeners - not just a gossip forum.


It was refreshing to listen to you instead of the narcissistic creature known as "Rush". KTSA has made a HUGE mistake. I have not listened to the show that replaced Jack R., nor will I. I loved your reporting style and know that you, like me, love animals. I hope you come out of retirement so you can once again fill the local airwaves with your common sense approach to today's issues. A lot of people miss you.

I was out of the country for two weeks, came back and you are "retired"? The only redeeming voice of balance at this station! Is there another station you are on or did you really retire? If you are on another station, please let me know.

Brad of my 21 years in the NAVY, and 12 years of retirement (no such thing) and all the different radio shows I have listened to across the country including AFR, you are the best and will be missed.

Thanks for letting me call you "friend" even though we've never met. Initially I was upset because I thought your time slot on KTSA had been changed. After checking the station's website and not seeing you in the lineup, I was really upset, but thought maybe you had announced your retirement and I had missed that broadcast. Now, after learning how you were treated, I am angry! What sort of "outfit" is in charge of the station? Don't they recognize a quality talk show host when they see one? I agree with all the people who have sent you eloquent emails. You were a warm, friendly, intelligent, fair voice of reason, and it makes me very sad knowing I won't hear you again. I'm not Irish, but that won't stop me from toasting you with an Old Irish Blessing: May green be the grass you walk on, May blue be the skies above you, May pure be the joys that surround you, May true be the hearts that love you. God bless you and yours. You have many hearts that love you!!

I've been listening to you & your talk show ever since I moved to S.A. 7 years ago. I will miss hearing your witty commentary, I truly loved & enjoyed your show. I sincerely wish you and your family the best. I feel like I've lost a dear friend & I know I'm not alone. On the upside I will probably drive safer as I will no longer have you making me laugh so hard that I have to pull over. God Bless you and yours. I'm Phillip, & you’re gone.

I never thought of you as a liberal, a la Ron Aaron, but more as a libertarian, a la Carl Wiglesworth. Now we've lost you all. One of the most impressive things I ever saw you do was the "Seven Minute Countdown" when you so forcefully demonstrated how long it took the woman's children to drown when she drove her car into the lake with the kids in it. I will miss this type of poignant genius. God bless and good luck!

To be honest, there no longer is anyone on KTSA I choose to follow... you were the last of my favorites, so I can now remove it from my pre-set channels. It seems that the only ones remaining at this station keep their jobs as a result of their choice not to enter the subjects of controversy. These are those whose opinions are so strong that they are blinded totally to anything other than what they think... right or wrong! The same ones who will endorse any advertisement for a bag of change. Through what is happening on this one radio station, I can see the demise of Talk Radio as I once knew it... what a pity.

Although it shall never happen again on KTSA, they did provide a method for us to advertise our company. Thanks for endorsing us when I advertised on KTSA... you were instrumental in helping build our reputation. I appreciate the fact that you wouldn't simply endorse and advertise for just anybody who would pay you a fee. That alone is an exceptionally rare trait of personal conviction and integrity. So I want to thank you for your honesty and integrity... for your trustworthiness in character as a talk show host. And... thanks for becoming a friend. I wish you the very best future and a relaxed retirement. God bless you and your dear wife Carole... you'll always be special to me. Enjoy your new "pup," I know the void of a lost pet and the pleasure of bringing another into one's life. Oh, move down the dial a bit to 590... KLBJ isn't bad! 

You have always had more integrity than anyone on SA radio! You never got caught up in that weight loss scam advertising of "Body Solutions" that everyone at KTSA spewed BS about, hope they made a lot of money. Lose weight while you sleep what absolute BS, it's a wonder KTSA doesn't make a pack with the Nigerian scam artists, hell they could make a lot of money by endorsing that BS! You were always true to your listeners and to my knowledge never endorsed any BS products. I guess the demographics now says that KTSA has a bunch of gullible listeners

You are one of the very few balanced, reasoned, rational voices in radio that I have heard. Mostly we have idiots, screamers, and interrupters left. Your common sense approach to issues was appreciated and will be missed. All the Best!

I had been a regular listener for about 12 years or since I retired from the Air Force. I sometimes agreed with you and more often than not disagreed with you or some of your guests, but I always respected your ability to put forth controversial topics. Your ability to generate conversation among my peers at the golf course or other social meetings was greatly appreciated. Over the last two years or so, I found myself disagreeing with your stated or implied positions on numerous topics but I always came back to you. Why, because you were a professional! You will be missed.

It truly is a SAD DAM DAY for the listening public not to have you on the radio. I am a Texan born and raised, former ARMY man from a military family. We might not agree all the time, however I respected your view.

Thank you, Brad. Although I am a conservative, I have to admit you were the best on the air, bar none. You left at the right time as KTSA, after so many decades, is undoubtedly near the end of its run. You’ll definitely be missed.

Just a short note to let you know I really enjoyed your style, humor, and digging to get to the truth in an unabrasive way. Thanks for the memories. 

Sorry to see you go. I did not always agree with you, however, you gave good points for thought. Will miss you dry wit..... kind of like a bit of heaven like KMET (which is where KMET is, I think) 

Just like so many other fans, I'm sorry to see (or hear) you go. As an (anonymous) newsguy I listen to as much local news and talk as I can and always enjoyed your stuff and your style. And your balls to say what you believed in -- even if it wasn't what was expected in talk radio. I'll especially miss your sense of humor and fairness on the radio. And the ability to be critical without being constantly OUTRAGED! as so many other hosts are. It's a shame they're putting on more syndicated stuff when there's so much (crap) already out there and so little local reporting in the talk world. And I always got some news out of your show. Anyway, all the best and thanks for putting up with me putting an extra mic in your face way back in the day. We'll miss you.

I will miss your voice of reason and honest dialectic more than I can say. Looks like I'm stuck with NPR from now on. Damn they're boring.

Will greatly miss your unique intelligent inquisitive independence and your unrelenting BS.


You will always be special!


Dearest Brad-- Well, I have to tell you that it has taken me over a week to get over being mad. Now I am able to control my emotions enough to be able to tell you that I REALLY miss you. You were the breath of fresh air in a stuffy world. How are we going to survive without you?? It doesn't matter if it is the war in Iraq, the dipsticks in Austin, or just knowing who to talk to at the National Weather Service when everyone else is relying on Accuweather???? What will we do??? Let's face it--experience always wins out. The new owners of KTSA have been so short-sighted. I tried listening to the new evening show last week and there was some good information but to choose him over you and Jack Riccardi??? It is going to be the same thing as "money-boy"-- okay at first but then just the same old thing. Why waste your time? Revenues guide decisions, I understand that, but syndicated radio is not what KTSA has always been about. I hope the investors line their pockets quickly before the interest in these "canned broadcasts" wanes. Enough of that. I wish you, Carole, and Blondie only the best. I hope that in your "retirement" time that you will spend some of it writing or blogging about those subjects that are near and dear to you. Oh, and I am so proud of you for always taking the high road. Until I hear your wonderful voice somewhere again--my dear friend--


I'm a nobody, but I liked your delivery of news, weather and just plain talk. I feel I have had closure now: I took the time to go to your site and get my answers. a friend on the other side of your silent mic.


I just had a client … She was telling me she heard our commercial [done by (name)] and just started to cry. She said she really misses your show and wishes you the best. I told her I would let you know. You are missed by all your listeners, I am asked about you all the time. You are truly loved and certainly one of a kind.

I am truly sorry that you are no longer at KTSA. As a listener from San Marcos/Austin I daily looked forward to listening to you on my work computer. You just seemed to be so at peace with yourself; very comfortable in your own skin. When I spoke to others about you I oft said "He seems to have figured it out". As I've gotten older, I've begun to realize that there is so much bad news in the world, and so little focus on good things, that I have just about ceased listening to anything except public radio, shows like yours, and XM radio. Be well! I'm a mere 71 months from retirement and I can't wait.

Brad please start doing some stuff on your web page. Its been weird not hearing you talk about issues. So it would be great if you could do some stuff on what’s going on. It might make us feel a little more normal.

I really enjoyed your program. I looked forward to it every day. My afternoons were you and Dave Ramsey. There really isn’t any other show that I really like. I would listen to some other stuff because it was prior to your Show. And now I think I will just download Dave Ramsey’s podcast. Take care, have fun, and if you decide to get another gig please post it on your site. Thanks again for soooo many great hours of talk radio.

Sure wish someone would force me to retire! I miss your show and your sense of humor (wise ass attitude). I hope you and you wife enjoy your new career…having fun.

Miss your show. However, I am nonplussed by the fact that your fellow talk show hosts have not even mentioned your name. Obviously, management has told them not to. Those who spoke highly of you, those who spoke of you as a friend— all of a sudden don’t know you. What hypocrites. I cannot think of any other job where someone who leaves cannot be remembered—publicly. The paycheck trumps friendship. So much for talk radio being the voice of the people.

I looked forward to listening to you every day. You were head and shoulders above anybody else they have on KTSA. I consider myself a conservative but I just had to listen to your show. I would disagree with you 50% of the time, but I must say I would also agree with you 50% of the time. I liked the way you posed questions and invited people to show you "where you were wrong". I liked the way your show was local in approach. I sure hope you do a little "part time" back on radio in your retirement. 

I am deeply saddened and will miss hearing your interesting show. I think you are the best host on talk radio. You interviewed me on your show last year after I challenged the legal validity of one of your guests’ products. That was pretty cool. You invited a little guy like me to be on the radio and voice my opinion. I will never forget that. KTSA has lost the best, and they have lost a listener. Good luck to you and I hope to hear you on another venue soon.

I have been out of town for the past few weeks. I was really disappointed when I came back into town and wanted to listen to the show that I have listened to for years was no longer there. The first thing I did was go to your website to get the story on what had happened. Even though the site has been off and on in the past, I knew you would have something there to explain what was going on. Sorry to hear about the situation, you will be missed on the airways. Best of luck to you and your family. Enjoy the new member of your family, Blondie.

I have enjoyed your radio show more than any of the others. I am in my car most of each day & I always made it a point to listen to your show. Enjoy your "retirement" but I hope to hear your voice again on the radio some day. I love your take on things & your sense of humor. God bless you, your wife & new puppy.

Now that you are gone, I can't seem to find the reason to listen to the radio station. Sure, they have information but it is not longer balanced. Most of the time I was along the same point of view with you about Iraq, which is one the biggest problems this country has but most people choose to ignore it because their life is OK for now. Sooner or later it will come to bite our ass, then they will understand that the government is the people and we should take charge of our government no matter how hard and time consuming it is. I don't want the government to take care of me, I want the government to get out of my way and let me prosper and pursue my happiness. Thank you for your time, wisdom and looking out for our country, you are a patriot. A marine, an immigrant.

Having listened to you since our arrival in the Lone Star state in 1991 (brief hiatus to WA.state for a year). For some God Awful reason, we now live in Sun City in Georgetown Tx. So my only travel time was during your 2 hours so I could listen to sanity. No inside radio could tune you in. Surprise!!! Where's Brad?? Oh.... he retired. Bull Shit says I.... Another loss from life. I'll monitor your website to find out where and when you will appear you will..... silence is not your best side.

So sorry to see you go, Brad. You are the last sane voice in this poor city. The future looks somewhat dim and I shall now stick with nothing but PBS. Good luck with the rest of your life. If this reaches you, please respond as I have something I would like to do for you

Thanks so much for giving us the truth over the years - not only the truth about what's going on around us in the world but also the truth about ourselves. Sometimes that's the hardest truth to see or even look at. Guess we're on our own now. You have so many friends you've never met. I'm one of them. Wherever you go, our hearts go with you. Godspeed.

I was saddened to see that you are no longer on the radio any longer. I moved to El Paso earlier this year. I am coming home to San Antonio in a few weeks and was looking forward to hearing your voice. I will just have to listen to someone else. Good luck with your retirement. I’m Tony and I’m gone.

Congratulations on getting out of it! I remember well your R&R column and your syndicated daily minute. I made sure my stations ran it. Be well.

I was shocked to hear that you chose to retire, but if I were in your shoes, I would do the same. I'd rather be fishing. Thank you for all you have done for us. I'm a little concerned on how our future will be without you speaking for us. Your endorsements have propelled our company into the big time. Everywhere we go, people recognize the name.

I wish you the best. You are one of the greats I "borrowed" from in trying to find a style and be big-time. Lord knows I thank you for that. I'm glad you have a new little sweetheart in your life. She looks like a sweetie. Six months ago welost our little baby of 18-years. I held her in my lap while they tried toput her down. They couldn't find the vein so they gave her a sedative in the hip. When she went to sleep they could aggresively search for the 'vein. ' I ended up holding her for about 30-mins. After the sedative she kept looking at me and fighting the sleep. When she drifted off I was thinking that she will never wake up and who the hell am I to say let's kill this soul? I'm still f----- up about it. I hope your new baby has a long-long life. And best of luck out in the normal world.

a voice of reason, a man of integrity, an assuring sound at a time of uncertainity. brad you might not know it but there are many in san antonio who need to hear your voice and commentaries to call it a complete day. without you talk radio is not the same. we need to hear more from you. please tell us how and in what ways we can help to keep you here and hear your voice on the airwaves again. always your friend.

I hate that you were released from KTSA. If it were not for the fact that Ricci was on the air (whom I think of as listening to my grandfather every day) you would be my favorite host. Though I didn't always agree with you, I like how you presented your side of an opinion. I have mine, but you make them tough to defend. And on several occasions you, and your guests, have altered my opinion.

Dear Brad, I just wanted to say thank you for seven great years. I am very sad that you are no longer with ktsa. I can't believe what idiots those owners are over there. You can rant better than anybody, you have the ability to really piss people off and still make them love ya enough to keep on listening, what a gift you have. I hope you will keep your web sight going so we can atleast know what your up too and if you ever get back on the radio I hope you let us know. God Bless you Bradand thanks again.

Terrible that you are gone.... no need for me to listen to KTSA anymore... I'll try WOAI now.... Best of Luck! ! !

You will be missed so very much. They are a bunch of right wing jerks and are off of my pre sets now. Luck to ya Brad.

Brad, what in the world happened? I can't believe you're not on the air anymore! I'm lost without your great show. It was the best of ANY of the others. When you didn't come on Wed. I called the station and inquired what was Ricky doing in your place. They said you had retired. Wonder why I did not believe him and I just want to know what happened. We all love you for your good frank comments and felt so bad that your not there any more. I think KTSA is going to be # 1 on my "S--- List.

As you know, we are all so disappointed and shocked over the matter at hand. The choices they have made without a thought to what WE San Antonio want is just amazing! ! I made a call to the station and stated how dare they do such a thing in the name of economics! Economics will certainly be their cry when we do not purchase from those sponsors they need to stay on the air! Anyhow, I shall put the soap box away, just wanted to know you are appreciated and well liked and only want the best for you and your family. Please keep us updated as to where we may listen to you in the future. The old cliche when one door closes another shall open even better if only we stay positive. All the best! ! ! ! ! God Bless you and yours in all ways! ! ! ! ! !

Dear Mr. Messer: I have enjoyed your radio show over at least the past 15 years. Your presence caused me to listen to ktsa. In any event, you were the most intelligent, thoughtful, and knowledgeable talk show host here locally, as well as nationally. I never called your show, but I listened all the time (radio & pc). None of your coworkers can or could hold a torch to you. It appears that intelligence gets trumped by ignorance. KTSA is now completely covered with pseudo intellectual idiots. I wish you and your family all the best,

Brad:you were the only honest voice on this raciest radio station, hope to find you some where on the dial soon.

Dear Brad, You were the only interesting person on KTSA. We are terribly sorry that you are no longer on the air. All our best wishes for you and your wife in whatever you do

Carl told me of you leaving KTSA. Please know you have my respect as a broadcaster but, more, for you as a person. Don't allow anyone make you think less of yourself. Your the best. I've missed you coming by my office each day to see if you were still employed. I looked forward to it. I tell the story of the day we were on the air together with the lady that believed you were doing the GM voice. That was great fun. You gave me such a touching tribute when I left KTSA, I wish I have the venue to do the same for you. I thought your daily commentaries were some of the best "radio" I was ever around! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Gee, I was proud of your work.

I was sorry to have read this morning in the San Antonio Express News that you had retired from KTSA. I hope that you are not actually retiring from radio. Brad I have been a loyal listener of yours for many many years and I will really miss your commentaries, your humor, and your honest opinions on a huge varity of topics. Brad you have been a great asset to the people of San Antonio who depend on you for good and honest vendors, reporting the facts about a particular subject and a dependable contact for weather and other info on your web site. Hopefully you will be back on the air somewhere in the near future and I will spread the word once I locate you again. Thank you Brad for making me think, smile, and at times cry. You are a great American, a solid broadcaster, and a member of our armed services. Thank you again Brad you will be truly missed by many folks in the KTSA broadcasting area.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program... truly a breath of fresh air here in Texas. I thought you were fair and considerate to your callers, which is a lot more than I can say for most of the other "big names". Thanks for all the interesting programs. We will miss you very much !

What the hell? Are you and Carole going fishing?

I guess I just don't understand the radio business. Because I don't understand why they let you go. You are so good at what you do and I always enjoyed the up to date news, information and interviews. Some of those interviews were just flat out great and you always let the other person have their say without interruption. Another reason I will miss your show is because it was so good to know that there was someone else out there who (most of the time) thought the same way that I do. Thanks for sharing your talent and (I'm singing here) "Happy Trails to you, Until we meet again. "

I just found out the awful news of your "retirement" from KTSA. My two favorite "local" talk show hosts (you and Carl Wigglesworth) have now been silenced. San Antonio has lost a wonderful voice and unfortunately the trend toward national syndication appears to be gaining momentum. I predict very few local programs within 5-10 years.

Hello my friend, Hasn’t radio become more fun than we can stand? Hell, you deserve to retire! I am thankful for the short time we worked together. It was truly one of the highlights of my career.

Can't believe you are gone. You were the only reason I tuned in to KTSA. I hope you pop up somewhere else in the near future. Your wit and general bull____ made me giggle. Please make it known if you get a new gig. Miss you already.

You and your wisdom have been an inspiration to all of us that listen to you on a regular basis. You've informed us on so many important subjects and that in turn has made a major impact in this area. It is because of you that so many work toward keeping things in order. Please, never stop that drive to inform. As always our best to you and your bride Carole and to the new puppy love in your life.




Hello Brad! I just found out that you are off the air and I am sorry! I have been listening to you ever since I moved to SA and now you are gone. What the hell is wrong with the management at KTSA? I guess they don't care about their loyal listeners that have been listening to GOOD people for years. Hell, I may switch to WOAI in protest now. Anyway, I will miss you and try and let us know what radio station you end up at... thats if you don't stay retired that is. Take Care, ex-listener in Boerne...

Mr. Messer - You don't know me but I know you very well - I was always a devoted listener to you whenever I got the chance and I was so - oh so close to calling your show many times but never got up the nerve to call. I fondly remember those funnier days when you used to talk about the little ole lady who wanted to get you fired - I was always afraid I would break some of my well-used bones by falling out of my chair laughing so hard - thanks so much for those funny days. I noticed the last few years that you got less funny and I always guessed it was because of new station management or owners or something like that with new restrictive policy. Or - i thought the war maybe caused you to get more serious the past several years. But, I find it hard to believe you are gone for good from radio - you bring so, so much more than all the other talk hosts - I always ranked you number one…

I guess the new owners are as spineless as the old ones. Always enjoyed your take on the issues and your 'get to the point' manner of dealing with people and issues. You will be missed. Health and wealth loaded with blessings. for you and yours.

I have listened long distance (Austin) for many years. You will be greatly missed. You were the voice of San Antonio as far as my family was concerned. I hope you will post on your website where you land - hopefully they will have a webcast if it's not in the immediate area. You have always presented a balanced, well thought point of view in any story you presented. I want to thank you for all of the issues you brought to the forefront - primarily the military issues that I would not of been aware of in my daily life. You were the unofficial watchdog for all things unjust. I wish the best for you and your family - Blondie will keep you busy when you aren't on the airwaves.

I have to ask, was it due to your negative position on Bush?If so, I am really ashamed of KTSA. Do they really think that hanging onto him and his failed policy is really the way to keep listeners? Even in a conservative place like San Antonio, I have to think that is a bad business plan. I am going to have to re-evaluate my desire to listen to this station. I have XM in my car... Anyway, I do want you to know that you were mightily appreciated by your listeners.... appreciated for your wit, for your clear headed thinking, for your willingness to fly in the face of the conventional. I will miss your show and hope you enjoy your time. I guess that at 67, it's really not that bad a time to stop.... but I do wish it had been on your terms. How about blogging now? You can still keep up your voice and your audience will just read... or you could podcast? There are lots of alternatives if you start to get antsy. Again, thanks for all you did on air.... I did appreciate it.

This isn't the first time KTSA has jacked you around... they are removed from the preselect on all my radios... Brent is the last one there with any brains.... best to you and Carole. you will always be one of the few I consider a "PROFESSIONAL"

 I have never met you but think of you as a friend. You have made me think of things and issues from more than one view. I appreciate the work you have done over the years. I have felt that KTSA has started going down hill for some time now... This has not helped. I plan to buy an ultralight soon... maybe we can meet some day... I wish you well.

Thank you so much for all of your time and expertise in the radio industry. You will be greatly missed by many. The radio just won't seem the same without you. May you and your wife enjoy the well- deserved retirement and congratulations on the new puppy.

I will miss hearing that unique wit and humor of yours. You have given me many things to think about over the years, many things to laugh about like the little old lady that used to call and leave messages for you, and the pleasure to have heard a real American talk show host that has always treated his guests and callers with respect. Shoot you have even put up with me and that is not easy to do at times. Where ever you decide to go, may your future hold many more years of good health and happiness. Know that this one person will never forget you. And if you do leave the US, take a look at the Philippines.

I only listened to KTSA because of you. Sorry to see you go. Nothing but a bunch of conservatives (and a redneck) left so I am gone. Good luck and take care.

Brad, I was a regular listener. You will be missed. Your show was great and you are about the only balanced radio voice left in central Texas, hope you land somewhere.

Sorry to hear that you have “retired” from KTSA You are a fine broadcaster, a great man and you will be missed.

I have been listening to you for many years here in Houston (my truck’s radio picks up SA very well). I probably won’t be listening to KTSA any longer now that their premier host and sage has retired. Good luck and keep up with your website.

Best of luck in your retirement. Thank you for so many years of great talk radio. Congrats on your new puppy.... here is our pup "Floyd"I never knew what a joy golden retrievers could be.

I'm sorry to hear about your retirement. Although we're in the same profession, we've only met a couple times. However, I felt compelled to write and tell you I enjoyed listening to your show. I especially admire your interview style. Radio "retirement" is almost an oxymoron, therefore, I'm hoping to catch you on the radio again soon.

From a one who spent many hours entertained. And whose husband's last request was to have Brad Messer turned on. Thank you.

We didn't know you were going (did you?) We hope all things are ok in your life. We wish you the very best. We have enjoyed your show for many years and have always considered you the anchor of KTSA. Our very best wishes to you and your wife for your retirement years.

I want to thank you for all you done in the KTSA air waves. You are/were a bright fresh spot in the day. Congratulation if it was a volunteer retirement. If you make it back on the air again please let know. All the best in the future.

I hate to see you go, especially like this. It wasan honor to have worked with you over the past 20months. I wish you and your wife all the best.

I'm really sorry to hear about KTSA's move that caused you to leave the air. I picked up 550 here in Houston for years. At KILT, you were one of my inspirations in getting into radio. Last year I had a daily talk show here and one of my favorite interviews was an hour with Alex Bennett, who also used to work at KILT (I was there years later working with Dickie Rosenfeld in his final days, padnah). That talk show, incidentally, was cancelled and the station is almost all national syndication. Best wishes on your next move and we, the listeners, are gonna miss you.

I have enjoyed your show for years and will miss hearing your sharp, witty comments. I absolutly love Blondie. She has to be the most adorable golden I've ever seen. Now you have plently of time to train her to be a great dog. Enjoy your retirement!

Dear Brad, I want you to know that I have enjoyed your work for many years now. As I recall I once mentioning that retirement for me has been a blessing and you should try it. The freedom to say what you want without editorial control is worth more than the money lost believe me. But good luck, hope you at least run some sort of website after you get settled, you have more to give now than ever before

All i can say brad is KTSA is a loser, they did the same thing toCarl Wigglesworth and Elisa sunnyland. No matter where you go brad, ... your listners Will follow. You'll turn up. just keep us abreast on where Ol' Brad is at!

It saddens me a great deal to lose your voice on the radio. I moved to S. A. in 94 and have been listening to you forever. I moved to Houston four months ago and have still listened to you from work online. You are really a great independent voice. I appreciate how you have your own ideas and don't use the typical talking points. I don't always agree with you but I have to say when Rush moved to WOAI, I stayed with you even though I love Rush. If you have any and you're bored, I would love to have a signed photo to go on my wall of fame. I hope that your leaving radio will usher in a new venue(podcast?) for those of us who love you. Please don't just go away!

It’s been a true pleasure listening to you during my lunch hour. You’ve offered a very balanced program over the years, without all the ranting and raving done by other radio hosts. I hope you’ll now be able to devote some time to your website and keep all your fans entertained with your humor online

I'm broken-hearted that you will not be on KTSA anymore. I can'tbelieve it. They left the guy on there who can't remember what day itis, and they take you off. It makes no sense. Last year, we almost advertised with these people. Seriously. Had the big sales work-up, all ready for the big buy, but at the last minute, I negotiated a much better deal with the NPR affiliate. And since wewere having an educational conference about teaching non-violence inthe schools, that was a better fit. But I'm still going to mail the new owners and tell them they'll neverget one red cent, etc., etc., and the usual complaints. I still can'tbelieve it.

I have been one of your Austin listeners since 2000. I do not own a television so I obtain all my news from radio and the Internet. The information you provided as well as the style in which you presented it made your program my all-time favorite radio program. Thank you for the years of entertainment and the informative shows. You will be missed.

This is one sad day for me. I listened to you daily and am going to miss you. Of all the talk show hosts, you were the most thought provoking and intellectual. I personally will miss you, you were a very important part of my day, EVERY DAY. I wish you the best and hope to hear you again in San Antonio, if not on KTSA, another local station. Thanks for all you have contributed. I hope you are able to keep up your web site so I can keep track of what is happening with your endeavors.

Just read that you have retired. As an old retired guy, I can understand you wanting to join our ranks. I will really, really missed you and your excellent and intelligent commentary on our complex life. Best Wishes and many Happy Days in retirement.



Just read the newspaper article posted on your Site. Although not a "regular listener" I heard your Show enough to wish you were on the air in our area. I think the reporter said it very well based on what I have heard over the years. Regardless of "why" it probably is time for you to retire (whatever in the hell that is). The "how" sounds like it was handled coldly and poorly which seems to be the norm in the world of entertainment. Like all of life's changes it will take a while to grow accustomed to your "new life. " Once you do, I have no doubt you will find other interests and soon say; "glad that shits over. "

Oh, Brad ! What a sad day for me, learning of your retirement.... You are leaving avoid that can never be filled. It's like losing an old friend, even tho we never met inperson. Thanks for posting the pics of your new puppy... I wish you the best.

I have enjoyed your programs for so many years and even living up North in Austin I always looked forward to my business trips every couple of weeks down your way so I could catch your program while traveling to South Texas. I know all of the ranting or raving will do no good with the station that let you go, but I for sure will never listen to that station again. Best of luck and enjoy yourself in whatever you do, you deserve it. I hope you will have time to bring back your own website so we can tune in to that and see how you are doing and get my daily dose of the best entertainment and news on the web. ( love your new puppy, I had Goldens before, maybe time to get Momma and me a new pup)Take care and God Bless, don't let the bastards get you down!

I was so shocked that you were gone! I so enjoyed your show as the single voice in this town to voice a different politicial opinion, not in lock step with the talking points of so many others. That it happened to coincide with my views was a plus... but it was just nice to hear the OTHER side, if only for two hours a day. I so hope that was NOT the reason for your "retirement"... In addition, I also enjoyed your attention to local issues, current events, etc., and your humor was a delight! Your weird stories, old lady voices... :) I just wanted you to know you will be sorely missed by myself, my husband, and countless others in this town. I wish you and your wife the best. Enjoy your retirement, if that's what you choose, but just know, you will be missed daily! Keep us posted on your next adventure, whatever it may be! Thank you Brad... you're a class act.

Brad, that's shocking news. For this FM/Public Radio listener, yours was one of the very best voices on radio, including sat radio. And for a political junky, yours was an important voice of reason. Can't do much to protest from up here in Gillespie county, but I'll certainly be one of those who boycotts KTSA... Hope you'll keep your website updated so we know where to find you. In the meantime, thanks for all the good humor, wisdom, and sanity you gave us.

I’m so sorry that you’re no longer on KTSA. I listened to you from Austin, where most of our talk radio tends to be conservative (weird…that’s never made sense to me but there it is). And when I heard you talk about animals…well, that cinched it (I’ve been involved with cat & dog rescue groups for many years). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed your show, and you’ve made me think. We don’t do nearly enough of that these days. May the skies be fair above you!

Remember me from KTSA? One of my co-workers here at KSAT, Rosenda Rios, just told me you retired! True? Well, crap. You were BY FAR the best thing ever on KTSA. Now I will never listen.

I've enjoyed listening to you on KTSA over the years. Your show was different, educational, and enjoyable and you will truly be missed. It's too bad KTSA didn't realize the asset they had in you.

Took a drive toward "your neck of the woods" this morning to get sunflower seeds at the feed store in Bracken & heard your voice on KTSA twice in about 10 minutes--------commercials for Al Tex & for Highland Homes. There probably are more. I'm sure they aren't paying you any "royalties" but it was OK to 'pull the plug on you' This 'younger generation' & their bottom line! ! ! ! Unfortunately common sense & loyalty don't seem to be a part of today's society! We're off in the morning for 2 weeks in Europe; cruising the Danube with stops & tours along the way. Enjoy "retirement".

Brad, You will be missed. You were one of the few that told it like it was. The closest guy to you is Coach A. Best wishes to you and your family in your future endeavors.

It sure was a shock when I turned on the radio and you were gone. The only reason I listened to KTSA was because of you.

I'm in TOTAL SHOCK. And so mad that my teeth are chattering. Man I'm going to miss you. You were the only real asset KTSA had. Thanks.

Just heard on the radio that you slot had gone to Ricky, I thought I heard a replay yesterday or Monday so I went to your site. It is a shame to lose you on the airwaves, your eloquence & demeanor are a pleasure to listen to, as well as your handling of the issues. I wish you the best & for the benefit of all of your listeners, that you resurface on another station soon. Congratulations on your new puppy by the way.

I have been an avid listener of your show and KTSA for many years. It was your show that kept me tuning in and I believe that KTSA has made a huge mistake in letting you go, particularly in what appears to be a shameful manner. I may still listen to KTSA on occasion, but I will no longer consider it my station. Although I have never called in to your show, it is my opinion that you were the crown jewel of San Antonio’s radio personalities and you always told the story like it is, without spinning it to suit any political or other agenda. This is truly a sad day for San Antonio. I sincerely hope that you find happiness and joy in whatever you decide to do and I will greatly miss hearing your show each day.

I am so disappointed about you not being on KTSA anymore. I agree with Sig's recent article and your statement. I too loved the "local stuff" that you had on your show. Your show was what talk radio should be, a democratic forum to stay informed and get things done on the local level. I appreciated the journalistic perspective with which you selected your topics and interviewed guests. I found myself gravitating to the professionalism in your show and Jack's (diverse as the two of you are) because you recognize news values and push to thoroughly understand all perspectives of an issue. There's a void in San Antonio's talk radio. I know you are tech-savvy, and I hope you will consider producing a podcast. I respect your work and appreciate all of your efforts. Enjoy retirement.

Brad, I am sorry to hear you are gone. I read the report on your web site. Man, I thought my business was cold. I hate it when corporate boys come in and treat well respected, hard working employees like dirt. You deserved a better exit. Let your fans know what you are up to from time to time.

KTSA has taken a giant step backward. Thanks for all the great shows. Good luck to you and yours.

Sorry you got the boot. I'll really miss you and the show. You're one ofthe few hosts that's truly independent and a free thinker. Most of theothers fall too much into the Fox News crowd.

I just want to thank you for your radio program. You and Bob Webster were the only programs I listened to on KTSA. Now I am down to Saturday and Sunday morning. Good luck in your “retirement”God Bless

You are a shining example of how good talk radio can be. I wish you all the best in your retirement and I am so glad to see you got a new puppy. KTSA will never be as good and I for one have no reason to tune in any more. Thanks for all the good times.

It is a sad day for KTSA and for San Antonio. I will miss hearing you eventhough I didn't always agree. You made me think and that is what it is allabout. Best of luck. If you decide to go back on the air let us know.... wecan always download the stream.

I’ve been a fan of you and your show for a long time. I know that the world of radio is about the bottom line, but I can’t figure out why what I like goes down the tubes so to speak. I guess I’m not mainstream enough. I wish you the best in whatever you choose to do now. I just wrote KTSA an email expressing my displeasure. The only thing I can do is change channels, I guess. One by one, the station is going the way of so many others and selling out to syndicated shows and those damned snake oil infomercials.

I have listened to you for years driving everyday from Round Rock Texas to San Antonio. This is a total shock that you have retired. I don't know what i will do now. there is no way KTSA will comeup with someone else. I will have to hunt another channel but there definitely will not be any KTSA sounds in my vehicle. I just can't believe it and still don't believe it. I wish you the best and you will always be one of my favorites.

I'm sorry you're off the air. You are one of my true broadcast heroes. I know you're getting deluged with email, but I hope you see this. I'll miss listening to you on KTSA

I learned today of your departure from KTSA. I know that the radio business is that way, but I don't think they realize what an asset they lost as you departed. Thank you for helping to get the word out on the price of Tower of the Americas tickets to the deaf ears of City Hall and Landry's. Thank you for the time you unknowingly kept me company in my car as I drove across South-Central Texas with my work. Most of all, thank you for having the courage to express your views on the air, and the ability to articulate those views in such a way, that I occassionally changed my own. Take care.

I miss your show already. Thank you for your kind service to this community. I'm not sure what I'll do now for my daily dose of opinion radio.

Brad, I know you’ve been fired many times before and came back but I’m worried this time partner. I’m just scared that Radio has become so ”cutthroat” and greedy that guys like you and Carl may be off for good. God, I can’t believe I said that. We’re going to miss you Brad.

I am so disappointed about you being off the air. This is awful for you and us, your listeners. I just hope you are able to deal with this sudden revolting development well and may it turn into a blessing for you and your wife. The write up in the paper was right on. I wish you only the best. You brought us entertainment, information and confirmation about our viewpoints which is so sorely lacking these days and gettting scarcer. The only thing I have to look forward to is Bill Moyers journal now.


Brad: I am very sorry to lose you. You are a treasure to us in South Texas and you will be missed more than if they had fired the rest of the crew and left you alone. Best wishes and good luck.



You know I travel a lot and spend a lot of time in the DC area and in the Pacific Northwest. You have been for many years, by far, the best talk show host on the air in the U. S. today. I have said this many times. Was very optimistic about BMP but now........ Trying to readjust.

I will miss you and your coverage of both national and LOCAL issues. When Carl W. left the airways, I almost went into deep depression but still had you to look forward to each day. I laugh when I read the column that mentioned your liberal attitude and think that in most cases, you and Dianne Rheem (NPR) seem to present a balanced show that most times is dificult to detect a specific bias. THANKS

You always made me laugh and I loved to hear you laugh. You will be missed. Good Luck.

I have had occasion to listen to you. You were a true professional and ran an interesting show. Good luck, and have a long and happy retirement.

i have admired your work from afar... i worked at KLIF in the early '70s (71-74)just as the 'good old days' were moving out and heading to gordon's FM, KNUS... did work with mike oshea (who hired me), paxton mills, randy robbins, rod roddy, cousin lenny, etc.. only the best of good luck to you... much success in the next phase of your remarkable life... sorry to say that talent like your's isnt being developed much anymore... but i dont have to tell you that...

I enjoyed very much being a regular guest. (You always respected my delicate position to be neutral and not opine. )Congratulations on a long career - and I wish you the best in all future endeavors. I think Blondie will keep you busy for awhile. With every good wish.....

WHAT! ! ! ! ! What a bunch of idiots. How could they not see how valuable youare to this city. Wow! The more and more I stay in this business the more Irealize that some of these people have their head so far up their butts thatthey don't know what makes people tick. The BMP folk haven't got a clue whatthey have done letting you go. You are the one person that is always mentioned when someone mentions amtalk radio in this town.... your show.... your topics... yourpersonality.... they are a bunch of asses. But I digress, You and Ms Carole out traveling the world.... love it. AND what a cute Blondie you have. We have not heard the last of you... consider this a break. We need you morethan you need us.

Now what do I listen to?! So sorry, Brad. Thinking of you.

You will be missed. Your problem was that you didn’t kiss GW’s ass enough. You were the only reason that I listened to KTSA. You deserve a rest. May retirement be all you want it to be.

It has really been a pleasure talking with you these past many months. The safety information you sent out to the greater San Antonio area was important and critical and I'm very sorry you on't get to continue it. I'm also very sorry I won't be hearing you on KTSA any more.

I really don"t know you personally but in a way I do. I had always listened to your show when I could, whenever I am in my JD8430 tractor in the field and when I am at my shop working on my farm equipment I always have my radio on KTSA. I'm gladthat you always took a stand for what you believe in not for the so called conservative right or the so called liberal beliefs but for what is the law of the land, for what is true and for what is just. Not just for the way the political winds blow. I had always noticed you took up for the little man because I know from your so called career you have been there. Thanks a million for all the time you gave us on the air, I'll miss you and wish you and yours all the best. Thanks again for standing up for your beliefs.

I find myself getting more irritated at thevagaries of commercial radio's management. To not renew the contract of oneof the only intelligent, non-scripted, non-aligned voices on the air wavesseems both stupid and arrogant to me. I know it's "just business, " but itis wrong, nonetheless.

Brad, That's BS. I'm sorry for you and Carole, first and foremost, but also for the talk radio listeners in San Antonio (and beyond). You provided the balance that listeners need, not to mention that you were dead-on on the issues.

You are one of the finest individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing (and even working with) in this business. As you know, I credit you as one of the key people who helped me with my talk career by being so supportive in the early days … Again, you are a wonderful man. Best wishes to you!

Just read of your retirement (in Radio Daily News) and wanted to pass along best wishes and great respect for your wonderful career. We've worked at/for many of the same people and stations, just not at the same time.

You have been one of those rare authentic voices in talk radio. While the vast majority of talk hosts are agenda-driven right wing hacks, you were a breath of fresh air for your fairness and courage to question the war and the Bush Administration long before it became acceptable.

Holy shmoly. That last voice of sanity and the bank shot segue!

I read of your leaving KTSA. A pity. Having programmed with you in the same market, and hearingthe quality of your ability on the air, it'll be KTSA that is the "poorer" for your departure. Radio, like Life, is very fair.... it breaks everyone's heart. Having gone through that "heartbreak" more than a few times, I can attest that the Sun will shine tomorrow, and a new day will bring more opportunity. I wish you the best.

And we all thought talk radio would get better with local ownership. Good Luck Brad

I am in SHOCK! I am deeply saddened. I don't know the circumstances of what is going on but you will be missed! Thank You for everything. Hope to hear you soon.

I know this business is kooky when it comes to contracts, hosts, day part changes etc. but truly I have always believed that Brad Messer is the best show we have.

just heard what happened and I wanted to tell you how sorry I amthat we're losing such a strong, intelligent and balanced talk show host. I also want to thank you for all that you have taught me through the years, especially during those first years as a reporter so long ago. I hope you know how much I respect you.

I heard the news and just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you twice in my career. I wish you all the best.

It's been a real pleasure to work for and with one of the best talk show host ever. I love your passion for radio and news. I will model my career in radio with the same passion and intelligence that you displayed everyday and I can't wait to perhaps hear your voice on the air again.

 I only had the opportunity to work with you a few times over the years, but I’ve always enjoyed your show. Always thought of you as a middle of the road, voice of reason in the sea of right wingers of talk radio that seem to be everywhere in this town. Being as you’ve been in radio for such a long time, I’m sure you’ve prepared for this day but I’m sure it’s still tough. Anyway, just wanted you to know that I’m sending good thoughts your way and I hope that you find a new gig(in this town! ) very soon.

You are one of the finest people I know and I am sad that you will not be returning to KTSA. Your show, knowledge, sense of humor, and expertise made my job fun and I will miss you terribly. Thank you for all that you’ve done. The clients, my family and I personally are very grateful to you. Thanks Brad. You do an excellent job and I wish you the best.

You are the only one that made sense for me on KTSA. I feel grief.

Will greatly miss your unique intelligent inquisitive independence and your unrelenting BS. How about streaming internet? Good luck.

I am originally from Seguin but now live in Austin. I work for a large corporation in a vast, glass-lined and concrete hive…when I went to KTSA’s website today with my headphones on ready to listen to your show, I found out you were “retired. ” I admired your ability to frame local issues with a combination of your questioning of guests that had first-hand knowledge of the subject and the diversity of opinion provided by your callers. I also admired the way you kept the war in Iraq in the forefront of your show, your daily professionalism, and the sense of irony that you brought to many a topic. I wish you much luck and I will miss your show a lot. To be honest, I won’t have much reason to listen to KTSA anymore…not out of protest, but out of the sheer fact that there isn’t really a host that interests me now that you have departed.

I'm going to miss you so much. I work during your time slot but often times I take my lunch hour and drive around JUST to listen to your program.

I never sent an e-mail you didn't answer. I never listened to a program that I didn't learn something. For me you were the embodiment of Class in talk radio. I'm not buying the retirement bit but I'm retired myself and if you're truly enjoying yourself than maybe some good has come of this.

You have given us many an hour of good and thoughtful listening, for which we are very grateful. I am conservative and my wife is more liberal, but we never had problems listening to you. You were an island in a sea of ignorance. Best of luck to you. You will be missed.

What a pisser. First it hurts. Then you find other things to do. And you get over it. Then you find more things to do. And then, you don't even care. Except, you miss the people---well, at least some of them.

Thanks for the memories. I wasn't able to listen all the time but I always listened when I could. I usually caught the last 1/2 hour in my car going to lunch. I appreciated your show very much and I hope that everything works out for the best for you, your family and Blondie. I hope you'll find time to keep the website updated. I wanted to thank you most of all for being so kind to my son, Paul, he respects you very much and enjoyed working with you more than any other part of his job.

I have always enjoyed listening to you. I may not have always agreed with you, but you were never boring. I don't understand why KTSA made this move?I guess you can tell that I don't really believe the voluntary retirement part, I don't know what really happened, but I am sorry to see you leave the air.

It sucks that we won't be able to hear your show anymore. I just want to say I really learned a lot from you, Brad. You taught me a lot about this business and working with you for as long as I did made me a better judge of news... or so I think. I've always wanted to tell you thanks for giving me a chance, for giving me the confidence and for teaching me a lot about news. I really appreciate it.

Class acts on the radio, such as yours, are rare.