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Mon Aug 1 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
2.3 million hits July

Today in Texas History - Dallas News
1731 - The first election is held in Texas when the Canary Islanders who had created Spain’s first permanent civilian colony at San Fernando de Bexar (now San Antonio) elect the first two justices of the peace.



Pound dogs drowned in sewage
More than one Jourdanton city employee could be charged with animal cruelty in connection with the July 11 drownings of several stray dogs, the police chief said....
Ten-Foot Poll on Dog Drowners---RESULT
posted 955a-1155p Mon 8/1/2005
What should happen to the Jourdanton city employees involved in drowning pound dogs in sewage?
Letters of reprimand
Counseling sessions
Unpaid leaves from their jobs
Criminal charges and probation
Criminal charges and jail
Leave them alone. Animals are disposed of by drowning all the time.
Total vote 481-

Mexican mercenaries expand into U.S.
A renegade band of Mexican military deserters, offering $50,000 bounties for the assassination of U.S. law-enforcement officers, has expanded its base of operations into the United States to protect loads of cocaine and marijuana being brought into America by Mexican smugglers, authorities said.
The [Zetas'] hub, law-enforcement authorities said, is Nuevo Laredo, a border city of 300,000 across from Laredo, Texas. It is the most active port-of-entry along the U.S.-Mexico border, with more than 6,000 trucks crossing daily into Texas, carrying about 40 percent of Mexico's total exports.
Authorities said the Zetas control the city despite efforts by Mexican President Vicente Fox to restore order.


Optical Illusions surprisingly different, almost unbelievable
Not so different but still cool False Motion Illusions

A story of the automatic nail gun

Teen's vomit sentence a problem for cops
"Are we going to have to provide this guy with a biohazard suit?"

Credit card penalty rates now average lofty 24%
44+ percent of banks impose so-called universal default rate hikes, which boost the rate on your credit card if you're late paying another creditor

217mph --Autoweek

Lions, Kiwanis and other service clubs' ranks declining
Young Americans are staying away from their elders' service clubs in droves

Internet ad pioneer backing away from annoying popups




Andy Borowitz


Hollywood Bus Chase Tops 150 MPH

Actress Jane Fonda's plan to protest the war in Iraq by leading an antiwar bus tour across the country hit an unexpected bump in the road today when actor Mel Gibson decided to chase Ms. Fonda's bus in a pro-war bus of his own.

"If Jane Fonda thinks her antiwar bus is the only bus on the road, she is sorely mistaken," Mr. Gibson told reporters from behind the wheel of his mammoth pro-war vehicle. "My bus is on the road and, more importantly, we are on her tail."

Although Ms. Fonda's antiwar bus left on her cross-country odyssey several days ago, Mr. Gibson said he was able to catch up to her quickly because her bus is powered by ecology-friendly vegetable oil while his is powered by a mighty onboard nuclear reactor.

"When it comes to taking those hills, I'll take plutonium over Wesson Oil any day of the week," Mr. Gibson said, revving his nuclear-powered bus's engine for the benefit of reporters.

With Mr. Gibson's bus in hot pursuit of Ms. Fonda's bus, the Hollywood bus chase soon reached speeds of over 150 mph, causing some observers to predict that the actress might call off her bus tour out of safety concerns.

But for her part, Ms. Fonda remained undaunted: "I was afraid that we might have to drive this bus really fast, which is why I asked Sandra Bullock to come along."

Elsewhere, a bust of the Roman emperor Constantine believed to be over 1700 years old will be the opening act on the Rolling Stones' North American tour.

Ciudad Juarez cop held after shooting U.S. tourist dead
said his rifle fired as he lost his balance when the vehicle nearly backed into him

Payola, radio's not-so-golden oldie, hits the little guys, too
payola involves taking money or nonmonetary compensation for playing a record and not saying on-air that it was paid for. This has been illegal since 1960. The cost of getting Switchfoot on the air at Austin station KROX, also known as "101-X": $1,000 for a "flyaway," meaning the sort of "trip for two" that one wins in radio station contests. Austin radio stations and local artists might find themselves caught up in New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's ongoing investigation into music industry pay-for-play schemes.

Spitzer's office is investigating Clear Channel, Cox Radio, Infinity Broadcasting and Entercom...

"War on terror" phrase replaced
As for replacing "terrorism" with "violent extremism," said Hanson, even that is not an entirely accurate description of the enemy. "It's the same inexactness" it's trying to remedy, he said. "The honest thing would be to call it 'radical Islam.' " An even more precise slogan, said Hanson, would be "the war against radical Islamism." ("Radical Islamism" is a term often used by policy-makers and others to describe ideological extremists who use this religion to justify acts of violence.)
The problem, Hanson said, is that most Americans don't know the difference between Islam and Islamism.

Two prosecutors secretly criticized Gitmo trial procedures
As the Pentagon was making its final preparations to begin war crimes trials against four detainees at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, two senior prosecutors complained in confidential messages last year that the trial system had been secretly arranged to improve the chance of conviction and to deprive defendants of material that could prove their innocence.

Bible course a test for Texas public schools
The critics say it ignores evolution in favor of creationism and gives credence to dubious assertions that the Constitution is based on the Scriptures, and that "documented research through NASA" backs the biblical account of the sun standing still.

Low-carb pioneer Atkins diet company files Chapter 11
Atkins Nutritionals Inc., the company that promoted low-carb eating into a national diet craze, filed for bankruptcy court protection Sunday, a company spokesman said.

Brit cops must remove shoes to raid Muslim terrorists

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