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Palmeiro steroids cartoon


Ten-Foot Poll on The Real Enemy---RESULT
posted 950a-12p 8/4/2005
Are we at war against the people who attacked us on 9-11, or against some different people?
The people who attacked us
Some different people
Sort of a little of both
Total vote 359


US begins big push in insurgent area
More than 1,000 marines and Iraqi forces are pushing into western Iraq, where at least 22 marines have been killed since Monday.
The American-led offensive in Anbar Province, the heart of the Sunni Arab insurgency, is centered around the towns of Haditha, Haqliniyah and Barwanah, the area where almost all the earlier killings of marines took place.

Bush's Iraq approval rating at new low of 38%

I can't avoid remembering that one of my good sponsors dropped me permanently from their commercials on KTSA because I am so critical of Bush for getting us into this completely-unnecessary war. At the time I was in a minority on the issue: now the majority has come to see it my way. I wish my former sponsor would come back because they are a fine company with a great product, and I hope they eventually stop being so mad at me for expressing my opinion. They know who they are. –Brad

email Bush comes to your town and people are warned.....
This is just f***ing nuts. The people in Grapevine were told "not to look out of their windows".
Conservative Group Commends Bush
I mean, gee, what would they see? What would they be seeing if they actually did look out of their window and see this stupid, stupid man who unfortunately happens to be our President.
I know I am a broken record on this, but the arrogance combined with the stupidness of this administration just drives me out of my mind. I do long for the days when the President would welcome crowds, walk among them, and could actually talk to people in whole and understandable sentences. I swear I'll never understand this compulsion of regular people to think that he is a good guy.

Al Qaeda to West: It's about policies
In a broadcast Thursday, Al Qaeda's Ayman al-Zawahiri blamed Tony Blair for the 7/7 attacks.
"The video is another Al Qaeda message apparently intended to turn Western democracies against their leaders by explaining acts of terrorism as rational decisions from a group with specific political goals. It challenges the position of British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Bush administration officials, who have insisted that the London attacks have nothing to do with Iraq and that terror attacks will continue regardless of policy."

school prayer cartoon

Sex-scandal teacher may turn the tables on 16-year-old

add 132pm - The Smoking Gun mug shot and official police report HERE

D.C. settles with wrongly imprisoned man $1.1M for a two-year mistake

Business blog
KB Home pays $2 million penalty

Trial lawyers tied to Gov. Rick Perry donation
"..received $35,000 last year from a lobbying group that got money from plaintiffs' attorneys, even though his campaign has denounced Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn for her money from trial lawyers."

Shuttle ground track
See Shuttle / Space Station Saturday and Sunday mornings

16-month-old baby killed by - what would you guess? - rottweiler

Toronto jet crash
Air France jet landed long at Toronto

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe evidence points away from suicide

An ex-prosecutor who investigated Marilyn Monroe's death says secret tapes she made for her psychiatrist show that she was hardly suicidal.

Russian sub disabled
International mission to save Russian submarine
trapped 600+ feet down on the floor of the Pacific Ocean with only enough oxygen to last for 24 hours.

With books planned, two jurors now say Jacko's guilty
Two jurors who cleared Michael Jackson of child sex abuse have now decided he was guilty and plan to write books about their deliberations.

What was that, dear?
Men who are accused of never listening by women now have an excuse - women's voices are more difficult for men to listen to than other men's, according to scientists.

Delicious apple
Still red, but no longer Delicious

Decades of market-driven alterations have led to the decline of what was once America's best-selling apple.

Full used car lots could lead to deals
Soaring new car sales swamp dealers with trade-ins

College Hunks Hauling Junk started out as a joke
"You're not a real man until you go to the dump," Suzuki said. "That's my philosophy."

Student drops class after learning that teacher called her "hot"

Man fires nail into his heart and survives

Man in ski-mask-only taken from sandwich shop

12-year-old car thief gets 10 years, Mom says will blow up courthouse

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