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Iraq War Dead 1 2 (2 has personal message boards)
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

DOD military casualty Info

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O'Brien's Tax Service
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I-10 West, Boerne
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New Heights
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Thur Aug 11 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
2.3 million hits July
Passed a million hits for August on 8/9


This is a PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT for Fish Oil. No, wait, it's about THE ARTS in San Antonio. Today the City Council will see the proposed new city budget. Don't let the council get away with shortchanging The Arts! Rise up and insist that MORE and MORE of your tax dollars be frittered, uh, spent to support "art" that cannot support itself. Be alert! Don't let Arts funding take a back seat to anything mundane like street repair, code enforcement, or any such silliness. Thank you for your attention. Now as a reward, here is a re-run of the a beloved local story (from 6/12/2002):

originally ran 6/12/2002

Ten-Foot Poll on Arts Funding---RESULT
posted 10a-1130p Thur 8/11/2005
Should tax money be spent to support the arts in San Antonio?
Of course. Other big cities do it.
Yes, but only to a "reasonable" extent
Yes? but only a very small amount.
No tax money should support "art" that cannot support itself.
Total vote 375-

San Antonio:
We're Not Finished With Art!!!

Ten-Foot Poll on Osama bin Laden---RESULT
posted 945a-1110p 8/10/2005
Do you think bin Laden is planning another big attack in the US, and will it succeed?
Probably not planning anything here
Maybe planning, but he's mostly just talk
Yes, he's planning, but he won't succeed
Yes, he's planning, and I suspect he will eventually succeed
Total votes 728-


Joseph L. Galloway (senior military correspondent for Knight Ridder Newspapers and co-author of the national best-seller "We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young.")
Americans get mixed signals on future of war in Iraq
The dog days of summer are upon us, and the signals for the future in our war in Iraq are deeply mixed, deeply confused and confusing, depending on who you listen to and what you read.

Cindy Sheehan protests
Grieving mother's war protest draws notice

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- The mother of a fallen U.S. soldier who started a quiet roadside peace vigil near President Bush's ranch last weekend is drawing supporters from across the nation.
Her 24-year-old son, Casey, was killed in Sadr City, Iraq, in April 2004 just five days after he arrived.
Lone Star Iconoclast newspaper's daily update site

Iraqis thirst for water and power
The lack of basic services is prompting more protests aimed at Iraqi officials.

Seven soldiers from Pennsylvania killed in Iraq
Seven National Guard soldiers from Pennsylvania have been killed in Iraq in less than four days, a toll that Gov. Ed Rendell said "brings home the crushing reality of this war."

Dogs at war in Iraq
Dogs are servants -- and weapons -- of war

U.S. forces rely on dogs to detect bombs in Iraq. Insurgents rig them with explosives.
How can they use these lovely pets for criminal and murderous acts?" asked Rasha Khairir, 25, an employee of a Baghdad stock brokerage. "A poor dog can't refuse what they are doing with him because he can't think and decide."


Bob Herbert
No end in sight in Iraq
The administration is not willing to commit to an all-out effort to defeat the insurgents in Iraq, and is equally unwilling to reverse course and bring the troops home. Most Americans are abandoning the idea that the war can be "won."

Washington Post lead story
Early pullout in Iraq unrealistic, official says
Iraq's leaders and military will be unable to lead the fight against insurgents until next summer at the earliest, a top U.S. military official says.


email cat carrier

Brad, that's disgusting!  Tsk.

Yeah. REAL disgusting.
That never seems to slow me down though....

Yes, I've noticed.  Sigh.  That's why I never miss your website, or your show. Thanks for helping to keep us sane.
A Fan

Your ad for the cat carrier isn't funny.  It's kind of sick.

Yeah. REAL sick if you ask me.

While I am a great admirer of yours, todays showing of the cat crate I not only find terribly offensive, but also in bad taste.  Surely, you have more class than that.
Erika C

Well, obviously not. But I do have a certain appreciation of the truly outrageous.....

About 10 years ago I was introduced to the pet carrier via FAX.  Came to me as an Aggie joke from the engineering department at Texas A&M. Time flies, I haven't gotten a joke on the FAX machine in years...
Charlie B.

Charlie, you sound kind of nostalgic. Send your fax number and I'll spread it around the world, get you some Incoming again.

Hey Brad,
Sending you a couple of pics of Chili's replacement. We found Peanut as a stray when we were taking a walk. I found all my dogs over the years as strays including old Chili Dog. The picture of the boy is Trevor the one that threw the ball into the bees. I got rid of the bees however. See ya,
Bob B

Trevor and Peanut

City faces Lowe's zoning battle over aquifer
The mayor appeared skeptical, noting: "On the information I had (before today's meeting), my vote would have been no."

Texas becomes a majority-minority state
Texas has become the fourth state to have a non-white majority population, the U.S. Census Bureau said Thursday, a trend driven by a surging number of Hispanics moving to the state.

Tax district sought for PGA golf resort
The petition Lumbermen's Investment Corp. filed with Bexar County will go before Commissioners Court next week — if the developer strikes a deal with hotelier Marriott International Inc. by Friday to build a 1,000-room hotel on the property.
For [Bexar County Judge Nelson] Wolff, the urgency is getting the district on the November ballot. The election, in which very few people would be eligible to vote, is just a formality, he said, but it has to happen before the county can create the district.

Toll road controversy roils Texas Transportation Summit in Irving
An eerie pall hung in the air at the eighth annual Texas Transportation Summit this week because, for the first time, nobody from the Texas Department of Transportation showed up.

TxDOT officials are on tap to attend the fourth annual San Antonio Regional Transportation Leadership Forum next month and [Transportation Commission chairman Ric] Williamson has agreed to introduce Gov. Perry as the main speaker.

UT-Austin won't seize land for garage
but will continue negotiations over Player's restaurant property

"...the garage, part of a planned hotel and conference center, would be designed in a way that would not require the acquisition of Player's, a local icon that has served burgers and shakes to students and government workers for more than 20 years. The restaurant's owners have said they do not want to sell..."

Eminent domain law near
Perry to consider limits on government's power to seize property

Falling stars tonight
Best show for annual meteor shower is after midnight

The annual Perseids meteor shower peaks tonight, from 2 a.m. until the first gleam of dawn Friday, and zippy streaks of bright yellow, yellow-pink or bluish-white will be zinging across the dark sky.

Washington Post
Embracing the power of pork
Bush effectively reverses stance on pork barrel spending; signs into law a $286B transportation bill that contains a record 6,371 pet projects

Washington Times
Bush defends bill for highway system
President Bush yesterday signed a $286 billion transportation bill that taxpayer groups derided as bloated with pork, but the White House said it could have been $100 billion worse.

Three wives greet British man after surgery
".. the wives held a meeting in the parking lot, and learned that they were all married to the same man."

Don't criticize US cars when you work for a Michigan newspaper

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