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Iraq War Dead 1 2 (2 has personal message boards)
Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

DOD military casualty Info

Organizations that help you provide troop support HERE (donate Frequent Flyer miles, etc.)

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1 800 FOR COIT

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11923 Warfield map

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Arredondo Group
Foundations: San Antonio, Austin, Laredo
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Smart Furniture
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Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne map
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Fri Aug 12 2005 New page ready around 10am Mon-Fri
2.3 million hits July
Passed a million hits for August on 8/9


Texas gas prices soar to record level
average price of regular unleaded self-serve in Texas soared to $2.32 a gallon, up a huge 11 cents from last week and 54 cents above last year's average.


Bush says Iraq pullout would be wrong
CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- President Bush, acknowledging that some families of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq want to bring the troops home now, believes that would be a big mistake.
"Pulling the troops out would send a terrible signal to the enemy," he said.
Cindy Sheehan stuff farther down column
Ten-Foot Poll on Military Funerals---RESULT
posted 10a Fri 8/12 - 7p Sun 8/14/2005
From USA Today: "President Bush ... has not attended any funeral for any of the 1,840 servicemen and women killed in Iraq
It's his business and I'm not critical
It makes me think less of Mr. Bush
Total vote 1437-

add 11a
email child at funeral
Dear Brad,
I hope you will take 1 minute to see a picture in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
newspaper. This little one year old boy looks so much like my own son
when he was that age. When I saw this, I couldn't hold back the tears. Perhaps you will want to put it on your website.
Deb H.

boy at funeral
Mike Levy / The Plain Dealer
Alexander Montgomery, 1-year-old son of Lance Cpl. Brian Montgomery, looks toward Marine pallbearers standing next to his father’s casket. Montgomery was killed in Iraq last week.



‘Support our troops' — bring them home alive
Plain Talk By Al Neuharth

They're burying young Marine reservists in Ohio this week. Fourteen of them, ages 19 and up, were killed last week when their amphibious landing vehicle was blown up by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

President Bush won't be at any of the Ohio funerals. He has not attended any funeral for any of the 1,840 servicemen and women killed in Iraq, although he has met with some groups of families who lost loved ones.

Bush simply called this latest tragedy a “grim reminder” that we are at war. It also should remind anyone who knows anything about war that lightly-armored amphibious vehicles never were meant to transport troops on bomb-laden roads. They were designed for sandy beaches.

They're being misused because, nearly 2½ years after we invaded Iraq, we still don't have enough heavily armored transport vehicles. Some soldiers themselves make “hillbilly armor” out of sand bags and scrap metal.

“Support our troops” has been an appropriate rallying cry for every war president. Nearly all civilians nearly always respond, supporting not just troops but also the commander in chief. Now, that's changing. Results of a nationwide poll this week by USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup:

•54% say Bush's war in Iraq was a mistake.

•33% say we should withdraw all troops from there.

“Support our troops” has become a sad, empty slogan for Bush.

Public support for the troops still is there, with candy, cookies and yellow ribbons. But government support sadly is lacking. No effective overall war plan. Inadequate or outdated equipment. No exit strategy.

That's why the best way to support our troops in Iraq is to insist that Bush bring them all home. Alive. Sooner rather than later.


PGA Village inks huge hotel deal
formal agreement to develop a 1,000-room hotel, two 18-hole golf courses and a golf learning center in partnership with PGA Tour Inc.

Proposed San Antonio budget would have surplus

  • Garbage fee increase $1.68 to $13.89 per month
  • Uninsured drivers' vehicles to be impounded
  • 18% more for street repairs
  • 4% pay raise for cops
  • 3% raise for city employees under $50K
  • 2% raise for city employees over $50K

Verizon website flaw allowed unauthorized peeks at others' records

Ten-Foot Poll on Arts Funding---RESULT
posted 10a-1130p Thur 8/11/2005
Should tax money be spent to support the arts in San Antonio?
Of course. Other big cities do it.
Yes, but only to a "reasonable" extent
Yes? but only a very small amount.
No tax money should support "art" that cannot support itself.
Total vote 375-


email arts poll
Mr. Messer:
After hearing Chip Haas challenge you to poll your listening public yesterday regarding spending a portion of the City of San Antonio's budget on the arts, I commend you for putting together the poll today on your website in answer to his challenge.
Double thumbs up....keep up the good work,
Juanita D.

email recruiting
The folks who've never sacrificed a tee time also don't want to sacrifice their children: Parent-trap snares recruiters
"Military service isn't for our son. It isn't for our kind of people." I guess in her mind, it's only for the folks who are a lot browner than she is. The chicken hawks are everywhere. Too bad that the bulk of them are in charge in Washington.

email cat carrier
Dear Brad:
Love your show. Love your website. And the cat carrier is one of the funniest things I've seen.
Keep up the great work AND the funnies!!

email undisclosed location
Is Karl Rove dead or is he just hiding in a secure location with the VP? Ever since Bush announced his supreme court nominee, all the news media stopped asking questions about Karl. The Bush team has outflanked the media again.
Keep up the good work. Yours is the only talk show I enjoy. All the other guys on KTSA are owned by the GOP.
Rudy G.

Probe Accents Issue of What Rove Told Bush
WASHINGTON — Among the many questions surrounding the investigation into who in the Bush administration leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer is whether President Bush's top political adviser told his boss the truth about his connection to the case.

email Crawford peaceniks
My nephew is a Navy SEAL on his first tour somewhere in Iraq. He has trained for two years to go on this deployment and was very excited when he left in February. Now about 1/2 way through his deployment he is home sick but proud to be able to serve in the capacity he chose.
If I were to advise him of the protests at Crawford I personally don't think it would affect him or his fellow SEALs. He is intelligent enough to realize the freedom we have to disagree with someone is a freedom the US military is trying to provide to the people of Iraq. Besides that, he is "Gung Ho" on AMERICA, President Bush and the US Navy and proud to be pursuing his chosen profession of a warrior protecting the freedoms of Americans.
As usual you have a great show!
Neil E.

email moved to Sweden
I love your web site. I moved from New Braunfels to Sweden. I listened just about everyday when I used to live there ...
Thanks for keeping me up to date on so many things.
Jack R.

Jack, I want to make sure you know you can click our KTSA live stream and hear your favorite programs where you are. Thanks for writing.

Barking man bites mail carrier

$225 heat device attacks pimples
"It is not the miracle cure for acne. But it is useful for people who get those large red ones that come up every now and then, or for women who get them with their monthly cycles."

Pam Turner teacher
Ex-teacher pleads no contest to sex with 13-year-old boy

and the whole police report and what-all is HERE on The Smoking Gun

Survey claims Austin less liberal that Dallas
To disbelief of everyone, study puts city at 93rd on list of liberal U.S. cities; Dallas is 32nd.

The last thing Cindy Sheehan does each night before grabbing a few hours of sleep in her tent in 'Camp Casey' is write her blog. Sheehan says she feels compelled to take a stand. 'If I can shorten the war by one minute and save one life, that would just give me so much comfort in my grief,' she says. Austin American Statesman

Fallen soldier's mother digs in
In her camp outside the president's ranch, Cindy Sheehan talks and waits.

Drudge: Cindy's relatives tell her to cut it out

add 12n Sunday
I mentioned Friday that aspects of the Sheehan photo above remind me of a painting by a Dutch master, Jan Vermeer's Geographer. What do you think?


HOT PANTS: the good ol' days on Southwest Airlines

and for those who were driven nuts by the cat carrier spoof, here's another visit to the Animal World:
gopher holds golf ball

Wedding brochure pulled after model groom beat his bride

Three Colorado kids get to keep found $98K
came across a duffel bag filled with stacks of bills. The bag appeared to have been left in the field for some time and the bills were wet and moldy.

Akron mayor punishes self for using F word

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