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Companies I endorse on my radio program, listed here at no charge to anyone

carpet cleaning
1 800 FOR COIT

water softeners

O'Brien's Tax Service

Copy Products
11923 Warfield map

Broadband Internet

Arredondo Group
Foundations: San Antonio, Austin, Laredo
210 645-6811

Copenhagen Imports
Smart Furniture
15909 San Pedro map

Ron Hoover RV
I-10 West, Boerne map
830 981-9543

BJ Associates
Laptop Specialists
10823 Gulfdale map

Kendall County Air
Replacement ACs
Boerne 830 816-1879
Comfort 830 995-3404

Bambino Huey
Italian restaurant
606 Embassy Oaks
at West map
210 404-0505

The folks below are not radio advertisers, but I like 'em for their good work and very reasonable prices

New Heights
Tree Service

Clayton Hollingworth
Residential pruning, landscaping, land clearing
210 386-4252



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Passed a million hits for August on 8/9

added 1145a Best TV ad going Thanks, Stu
Toyota MPEG link

Texas Marine told he's non-resident,
so must pay higher tuition
>>> Story deleted along with Ten-Foot Poll on the topic because new info deflated the original story. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board spokeswoman tells me the Marine was denied resident tuition status because he enlisted while living in Louisiana and never took the proper steps to transfer his residency to Texas. If he works and lives here for a year, he'll be eligible.



cornfield lonely heart ad
Pieter DeHond's field in Canandaigua, N.Y., shows his lovelorn message in his cow pasture in 50-foot letters made from cornstalks. DeHond, a divored father of two, planted the lovelorn message in May. (AP Photo/Robert Mincer)


Council begins wrestling with proposed city budget
City Councilman Kevin Wolff wants to slice next year's property taxes by $13 million — relying on half of the city's budget surplus to do it — and set aside the other half for rainy days ahead


Family presses London chief over fatal mistake
Lawyer calls investigation into Brazilian's death a ‘chaotic mess’

Stunned waitress gets Porsche as a tip

Houston's Ellington to get Predator squadron



Ten-Foot Poll:
= No tax money should support "art" that cannot support itself


Folks, your mayor and city council member's phone and email links are HERE in case you'd like to ask why tax money goes to the Blue Star Arts Complex (a private enterprise) year after year. Nothing against Blue Star. They are probably wonderful folks. I just don't know why they always get tax money.

PS: I'd be interested in seeing any reply you receive

8/17 - Dist. 9 councilman Kevin Wolff tells me he doesn't know why either, and is going to do some homework on that


Phil W. to Mayor Hardberger:
I for one do not understand how public money gets into private hands like Blue Star. I guess we have to expect city government to be as corrupt as anything else, but Mayor, you are an upstanding guy: can you stop this when it comes to light?

Ken to Brad,
Do the good taxpaying citizens of San Antonio know they are helping to support a brewery? I looked at the Blue Star Arts Complex site, and it looks very professional and commercial to me. Do taxpayers get a discount if they bring their tax receipts?
BTW: I feel that I should let you know that my school web screening program has classified your site as a "Weapons" site and has blocked it. I cannot read until I am home. I still haven't found your "weapons" section.

Councilman Flores' office to George B.
Can you elaborate on the subsidy that you are talking about? From who?

Brian D. to Councilman Guajardo, cc: mayor Hardberger
I am writing to express my concern over the proposed city budget, specifically the proposed funding for the Arts. While I take issue with funding for any non-essential and/or subjective-benefit programs, I must strenuously object to any tax revenue being diverted to support the Blue Star Arts Complex, and any other similar organization. I do not have any personal grievances with Blue Star and in fact enjoy and partake in many of its activities. As a commercial private enterprise, however, I fail to see how it is entitled to receive subsidy or support from tax revenue. The Blue Star Art Complex is a commercial for-profit venture, and as such should be treated the same as any other business....

Express-News - Lisa Sandberg and Jeorge Zarazua
Protesters from near and far support mom
CRAWFORD — Prompted by the calls of anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan, thousands of Americans protested the U.S.-led war in Iraq in silence Wednesday night.

Operation Truth
A message to the Crawford Memorial vandal
On Monday night, a vandal in a pickup truck ran over hundreds of small white crosses that had been installed in Crawford, Texas as a simple memorial to the Troops killed in Iraq. The vandal, who police say is Waco resident Larry Northern, was soon arrested, and OpTruth's Perry Jefferies managed to find his e-mail address. Here's what he had to say:

Lone Star Iconoclast

Austin American Statesman
Cindy Sheehan blog

Austin peace demonstration
Austinites crowd bridge for peace

Between 300 and 500 people in Austin joined hundreds of candlelight vigils Wednesday night across the United States and Europe, organized by backers of an antiwar demonstration near President Bush's ranch.

Local poll shows 66% disapproval of Bush job performance
The Express-News poll had 2,736 votes when it concluded this morning.

Republicans worry war could hurt election chances
They point to a stream of bad news out of Iraq, polls showing growing impatience with the war and rising disapproval of Bush's policies.
Republicans said a convergence of events -- including the protests inspired by Cindy Sheehan, the mother of a slain American soldier, outside Bush's home in Crawford; the missed deadline for drafting an Iraqi constitution; and the spike in casualties among reservists -- was creating what they said could be a significant and lasting shift in public attitude against the war.

Washington DC peace demonstration
Washington Post - Dana Milbank

Deploying Cindy's antiwar army
It was to have been a silent vigil outside the White House last night in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, the Gold Star Mother-turned-antiwar activist. But the 500 demonstrators were not the sort to be silenced.
"Meet with Cindy!" they chanted. "Tell her the truth! . . . This war was for oil! . . . End the war now!"



Chicago woman's cable bill was addressed to "Bitch Dog"

NASA culture still jeopardizes crew safety, a new report says

Astrodome plan includes indoor river walk
Investors want to turn landmark into a luxury hotel, complete with trees and a waterway

Longhorns uniforms
Longhorns will have throwback look in opener

UT football team will wear helmets, jerseys with 1963 look

Redskins owners making a play for ailing Six Flags company
Six Flags, which owns 30 amusement parks in North America, posted a $177.3 million loss from continuing operations in 2004, and its stock price declined from more than $23 in May 2001 to a low of $3.49 last August -- when Snyder started investing.

Mexico funds staging areas for illegals
The Mexican staging area for illegal aliens that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson demanded this week be bulldozed is among hundreds of similar sites along the border sponsored and maintained by the Mexican government.

"I pledge allegiance to United Turtles of America and to the fruit bats of Borneo, one planet in the Milky Way, incredible, with justice and black bean burritos for all."

tombstone plays video
Company will offer video-playing tombstones

Always say no when someone offers you free heroin

Tanzania's "fearless" lions are turning man-eater
since 1990 lions have killed more than 563 Tanzanians in rural areas. Victims have included old people, nursing mothers, children playing outside their homes and people dragged from their beds.

Woman, 93, grabbed robber where it hurts with a "grip like iron"

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